Critique headline and ad copy for Wordpress plugin salesletter

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Thanks for the feedback!
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    I think it's great. Maybe you could work a little on the css and add some color (it looks a little cold to me) but I think it has everything you need to make conversions.

    Good luck
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    Oh and one more thing. The page misses a <title>
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    I like it. Good headline (You may want to consider losing the exclamation point), great proof elements, fantastic guarantee.
    had a problem with this line:
    "but you just can't add your Amazon affiliate id."
    Maybe try, "It's fully functional, the only thing you can't do is add your Amazon affiliate id. Try it right now and see for yourself how great it works!"
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    Hi George,
    Perhaps it would help if you can insert some graphics such as red fat arrow as well as highlight the 10-times money back guarantee (that is a strong call to action you've here).
    Make buyers jump straight to your offer.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the great feedback.

    Fixed demo verbiage and mentioned the guarantee above the fold!
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