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Hi Guys,

New to this forum, I am having some challenges in writing copy for a small uk business.I am fairly new to copywriting so this is one of my first jobs with the possibility of doing copy for another small biz. (friend of the client)

The Business in question is a small Home Computer repair company - based in the southeast of England home counties London, kent, Essex, Sussex. They have asked me to come up with some test promotions on Leaflets (Flyers) A6 for the home PC repair market. The intention is to test each leaflet and see what converts, distribution on the leaflet's in a local area is 10,000 per month currently. Then keep coming up with new and improved leaflets, promotions and eventually website copy for lead generation.

Does anyone know of there Is any swipes files or ideas for the UK market out there to help me get started. Any ideas and or advice is gratefully appreciated.

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    There are a whole lot of ads at Best Advertising Collection | Hard To Find Editorial Ads which will help you with formats.

    Ever wondered how copywriters work with their clients? I've answered that very question in detail->
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    Thanks Hugh,

    appreciate it.
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    • Just a couple of thoughts on the copy.

      When a computer goes wonky - the client wants it fixed instantly - if not sooner.

      In other words at the speed of light.

      So make a big deal about how fast the repair service is.

      Also - people hate to be without their machines.

      Although many homes have lots of computers - it still might be good to offer a free "loan" computer whilst the clients is being mended (brilliant to do this if the repair is going to take some time to do).

      If possible the client might be thrilled if all the data can be downloaded onto a memory stick - so they can carry on doing whatever they need the computer for.

      Also guarantee the repairs.

      The graphics could show a tormented, agonized frustrated face - hands pulling their hair out as they look in sheer horror at smoke pouring out of their computer.

      Then "headline" the solution - along the lines of -

      "No Need To Panic - FAST, Expert Computer Repair Service Guaranteed!"

      Hope this helps,

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