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I'd like to hear some thoughts on color, and it's use throughout copywrite material. For the most part, I notice a lot of black with the occasional red highlight or bold area.

My question is...as a copywriter...should you place any focus on color, or is that an issue left to the designer?

If so, what colors have you had success with?
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    Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

    Ideally, you should be working with the designer.
    Let's pretend your left with a blank canvas to fend for yourself.

    Many people speak of the words and the power behind them, but shouldn't it be just as important to draw people to those words through use of font/color/imaging as well? Should these be expected traits a copywriter possess?
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    Hey Adam,

    For color, it varies from project to project depending on what I want to convey, I use this as my guide:

    Amazon.com: The New Big Book of Color: David E....Amazon.com: The New Big Book of Color: David E....

    For fonts, I tend to use Tahoma/Helvetica Neue Black Condensed/Impact as the headline font, and Verdana/Arial for the body.

    But when I'm finished with the writing, I'll often have a look on Google for font combinations and check out current winning pieces to see if there's anything that could be more suitable.

    When it comes to using images, I've discovered I've got no eye at all for them.

    So if you weren't letting me work with a designer I would stick to an absolute minimum: photo of the product creator, images of the product, before-and-after shots, any other proof images (testimonial headshots, graphs, etc), if possible pictures (or even better, video) demonstrating the product in action, and that'd be about it.

    Oh, and I'd make sure every picture had a caption, as captions get about a million times more readership than the body copy.

    Andrew Gould

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    Hello, Color has a bigger affectation with the product you were selling. You should base it on the product you wanted to advertise. The lighter one's are good. Try green mixed with white. If you like black mix it with white or silver. hmm. Just a suggestion.
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    Not an often discussed topic but I addressed this
    question in an old blog post:

    Copywriting Tips And Tricks ยป How To Choose Your Website Colors

    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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    Definitely leave graphic design to the professionals.

    If you are only using basic design, your web person should be able to put this on your web page for you.

    Of course, any colors must support the copy.
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    Very important to focus on color and there is something that you should know as well apart from the graphic design professionals. Yellow is the color that the human eye is the most sensitive too, so having yellow text or field, or at least some part of it on your webpage or theme, maybe with a dark background is not really a bad idea, depending on the case.
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