Evergreen vs. Timely Content Creation

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Wanted to get everyones thoughts on this...

With the recent Panda changes in Google's algorithm I was wondering what changes copywriters made (if any) to their copy strategy.

I've heard that Google has promoted copy that is more recently created and dinged those evergreen posts that are older.

What would you recommend: is it better to have a mix of both evergreen and time sensitive content or strictly write for the trends and leave evergreen out of the mix?
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    Here are my thoughts on this...

    I'm not an expert on Google I just know the best practices for certain results. What I gather from the updates Google has been creating is that they are leaning more towards social sharability (yeah that's not a word lol) of content.

    I don't think Google will ding or remove evergreen posts so long as they are relevant and people are sharing them.

    It's my opinion that Google is looking for a perfect marriage between relevant information AND enjoyable information.

    Google's backlink and LSI strategy were great starts towards that marriage, but with the emergence of G+, Facebook, Twitter, and various other social platforms, Google is now calculating the importance of shared content.

    People only really share things they enjoyed or found beneficial, and Google can easily track this stuff. It's all a gradual implementation.

    But as for evergreen, if you're referring to older content, then that doesn't matter as long as the info is still relevant and enjoyable, in my opinion.

    I think their updates will continue to increase the combination between relevance and what people find enjoyable so that what they display in the search results are what people really want to read.

    As a copywriter I would still put the focus on engaging the imagination and interest of my audience, while using my understanding of them to compel them to whatever action I'm looking for.

    I would include social sharing outlets where they are most appropriate (with calls to action to share).

    And lastly so that Google can calculate the relevancy factor you can't neglect the importance of LSI keywords, plus your optimized keywords, and lastly the backlinks you work to build using whatever strategy you have at your disposal (outsourcing or self created).

    Anyways, these are just my thoughts on the subject
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    Thanks Chris, really appreciate it. Was getting down on this forum a bit. You've restored my confidence!

    Bruce works as Director of Product Development at Dealer HD an
    automotive marketing agency in the Chicago area specializing in automotive SEO and dealer websites.

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