Anyone Have Any Pre-Sell Tips?

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I really did search but to be honest I could not find much information on "soft selling" here. I want to warm-up the visitors to my page, and send that traffic to a clickbank products sales page. I do NOT want to do an entire pre-sales page...I just want some ideas on what gets people to think "maybe I should check this product out, since it may help me".

So, obviously I can't give my sites keywords etc. however it is a "How To" site. So let's assume it is "How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs".

What do I want to include in perhaps a short paragraph to entice the visitor to click the link?

I have about 1200 words of info already, so I thought at the start of the page I could suggest the product, and then near the end try again?

Very new to affiliate sales etc, I'm more into adsense but I want to diversify. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
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    Soooo...why would you want to 'assume' people onto a drip campaign?

    Why not assume that some or many of your visitors will be darned-tootin' interested in Buying NOW! and making some sales?

    I don't get it. This seems like the L-O-N-G way around.
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    The basis of soft selling is to establish credibility, authority and relationship
    so the prospect would want to ask you to sell to them. You can do this
    in so many ways--through articles, blog, Youtube video, webinar etc.

    You can even do this on a forum by sharing valuable and informative
    posts. If you can demonstrate that you know your stuff without
    giving away all your stuff then you are soft selling.

    -Ray Edwards
    The most powerful and concentrated copywriting training online today bar none! Autoresponder Writing Email SECRETS
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    The site in question already has some decent rankings and thus re-writing a sales page instead seems to be the L-O-N-G way around to me as it would negate the current rankings, unless it is not feasible to add some content in this case? I hope that makes the future of course I will know to do as you suggest!

    Thank you Ray. So since I have a site already visited a fair amount, how would I "insert" a product I want to sell by proxy?
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    I'm not sure how your site is set up, but here's a few ideas you might consider...

    kaniganj made a good point... some of your visitors are well aware of the problem and don't need to be presold as much. Your site should have definite access to the sales page and the call to action should address the urgency of learning why they need to take care of the problem immediately.

    Of course since they are already interested in such a product they'll skip your content and feel obliged to read the sales letter.

    Now, not everyone will be primed to buy such a product. Maybe they are wondering if they HAVE bed bugs and if they are what they can do to get rid of them.

    Maybe they are worried about getting bed bugs and want to PREVENT them from ever happening.

    These are topics you can discuss within your content via blog posts or whatever.

    Now what I would do is this:

    1. Have the definite call to action for those who ARE ready to buy the product

    2. Have a special report or some sort of free advice exclusive to email subscribers only.

    3. Write blog posts that IMMEDIATELY satisfy your visitors search of answers. NOTE: Most people don't just jump online looking to buy something, even the ones who ARE ready to purchase. They still want SOME kind of answers. That's why the call to action for step one needs to trigger their main concern in the form of learning more about an extremely urgent situation. The sales letter will play on this curiosity and will hit other hot spots to entice the sale.

    4. Every blog post needs to have a place to opt in below the post and that opt in needs to have a definite and strong call to action for learning the exclusive info.

    5. In your blog posts make sure you point out that you're not telling them EVERYTHING they need to know. Bring up other points that will make them curious and make the urgency of the situation escalate a bit. Then you can suggest subscribing below, or read this letter (link to your sales letter) to fix the problem now.

    These 5 steps are built to increase leads, increase consistency and commitment, make them trust you and see you as an expert, and because you're helping them out they will like you as a friend.

    The email sequence should be optimized to SELL. Don't just give them information and let it be the end. You need to give them some form of exclusive value then LEAD them to your product.

    Hope that helps you,
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      Hey this is great. Thanks for all your answers I really do have a better idea of where to go from here!

      I did not want to say "Desperate Buyer" but yes, that is what I imagine my kewords to be.

      Thanks again for the input and of course any further tips would be welcome!
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    The best way I know is to somehow get them to a landing page where they'll find a personal account or little story of someone who got their problem solved by using the product. It doesn't have to be phony or made up either.

    Ideally, you or at least someone you know has used the product successfully and can attest to its value. This is ideal for article marketing as you can have your author sig or resourse box point to the landing page. Then you link from there to the sales page.
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    Depending on if you're running WordPress, what keywords you're ranking for, and what the affiliate offer is, you may not need to write a pre-sell page.

    There's a WordPress plugin called WPSiteFrame.

    It's at:

    It's a pretty cool plugin. Basically, using your ranking WordPress blog, you can "redirect" it to the affiliate offer without losing any SEO juice. But it's not a redirect per se. They <iframe> the affiliate offer website.

    It's completely transparent to the visitor on your WorPress blog. They have no idea.

    It may work for you.

    The key question is does the visitor have to "turn the corner." Meaning is there a direct connect between the problem they have and the affiliate offer solution? Or do they have to "turn the corner" to see the value as it relates to their problem.

    - Rick Duris
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    Paul Hancox has a brilliant masterpiece called Presell Mastery.

    Or something like that. It is definitely worth checking out in my opinion.
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  • 2nd vote for Paul Hancox "Presell Mastery."

    It goes in depth to the whole concept of preselling and framing. Lots of good research.

    Plus his name sounds like a character out of an episode of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    3rd vote for Presell Mastery. You really can't beat it.

    signature goes here

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    I have used some of the strategies in Paul Hancox's Presell Mastery materials in my internet marketing.

    I highly recommend it. It's the best material on preselling I have seen...there's not that much in the marketplace.
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    If you can, go back to the Kajabi launch. Those *******s pre-sold right.

    M-Life was another excellent campaign (although it didn't get many sales, the buzz was huge).

    Create the buzz, get the opt in, keep them engaged and grateful.

    Not too much to keep in mind at the end of the day. :p

    If you want to consult with me, or see what I offer, check out: or contact me at

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      Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks to all of you I will pick up a copy of Presell Mastery for sure, due to the positive comments.

      But really, thanks for the advice everyone! Pretty exciting stuff!
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        To start off help them feel the nastiness if having bed bugs. Really reinforce in their minds that getting rid of bed bugs is in their best interest. Site disease, germs, disgusting feelings, whatever you can to really get them to realize they MUST get rid of them.

        Next, really site how the product will change their life. What are the real benefits there, the ones that no other product offers.

        Whatever you say, say it in as few, but concise, words as possible. Long droning content will lose them.

        One say things once, don't repeat yourself.

        Remember, you're helping them make the buying decision so site the very best reasons the product is exactly what they need.

        Then give them a specific call to action - click the link.

        Hope that helps :-)
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    Another thumbs up for Presell Mastery. I'm a student of Paul's, so that's my disclaimer...but this report is REALLY in depth without being long-winded.
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