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Some copywriters struggle finding the relevant up-to-date research they need for their copywriting projects. They'll resort to dated swipe files for ideas.

Try using Twitter and hashtags for your research.

First, here's an article which should help with the general research strategy and links to some useful tools:

Twitter Fan Wiki / Hashtags

For instance, let's say we have a project on writing copy. We'll search Twitter for #copywriting.

Let's do it the bare bones way. Won't even need a Twitter account.

Go to: https://twitter.com/#!/search-home

Enter: #copywriting

(Be sure to include the #.)

1. We'll get ideas for possible headlines, products, markets and niches.

2. We'll get possible flagship and pre-launch content ideas. (Things people would find useful and valuable right now.)

3. Important: We won't get the spammy copywriting job tweets which are actually $1 article writing offers that drown out the useful ideas.

4. We'll get the current "fads" & longer term trends based upon retweets. The equivalent of FaceBook "likes."

5. We'll see the hopes, fears and desires of the market/niche--all documented real-time.

You're getting new ideas already, ones you didn't have, yes?

Any copywriter can do this type of research. Plus, it's free, it's real-time/up-to-date and very insightful.

- Rick Duris

PS: Remember, the copywriter with access to the best research, wins.

PPS: By the way, Twitter also has an advanced search, similar to Google:

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    Bump for good ideas.

    - Alex
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    Thanks Rick--

    I stress out the most over getting into the prospect's head and worry about missing the boat when it comes to really reaching them.
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