Think This Sales Letter Over Did It a Little?

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I'm talking about all the reference cites throughout the copy. I've never seen so many.

They almost referenced each sentence.
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    The citations are probably a bad idea. They give the reader literally 65 chances to get distracted from the sales pitch.

    It's especially sucky, because once you click on a citation, there's no way to get back to where you were in the letter without scrolling up a bunch.

    Edit: Actually, you can hit the back button on your browser to return to where you're reading. But my initial point still stands.

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    I've seen some big mailers do this before. I see it as a good proof tactic, but I can see a reader unversed in endnotes thinking the page has a coding glitch or something.

    --- Ross
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    It can work if you select short cites closely related to your copy. If not, better not use them.
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  • I think that would work much better in print. The links are too distracting.
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      Maybe they're split testing.

      Putting page numbers at the end of bullets usually increases conversions. Maybe citations at the end of sentences will do the same.

      Worth a try.

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    Trying to write a keyword rich sales copy?
    Bad idea, prospects will STOP reading after few lines.
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    Have to wonder how many sales were lost because readers forgot to go back while they were researching the links.

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