I Need A COPYWRITER For A Postcard Campaign - HELP!

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I am looking to run a postcard campaign sooner rather than later for my primary business. However, I am a little stumped on what I should write on the actual postcard.

I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me any references to someone who I could have research my business and then write some killer copy for me on my postcard.

If you do this, or know of anyone who may, please reply to this thread or PM me so we can discuss the details.

Please and Thank You!
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    Here's a quick and easy "postcard" campaign -

    Front - Sensational Offer

    Back - "Wish You Were Here"

    I haven't done any postcard campaigns. It seems to me though, that the roles should be reversed. Naturally, someone receiving a postcard that says "wish you were here" will turn it over to see who it's from. No?

    This way it wouldn't be seen as "junk mail" initially.

    Now, because of my inexperience with this medium, I can't tell you if this approach would be seen as misleading. I would never use this technique for a sales letter, but a post card... maybe?
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    I HATE the "wish you were here" approach. I know it's spam. I know it's garbage. I hate it nearly as much as the phony "there are only 2 copies of my ebook left" scarcity BS you see on every Internet sales page.

    The "wish you were here" approach probably worked years ago, but people are smarter now. Either that, or I am overestimating their intelligence. I also don't think it would work because I don't see anyone doing that anymore. It's archaic, and it should be left in the past.

    I'd use the back for listing benefits in a concise manner, giving a strong call to action, or using something interactive like a scratch-off. People love being interactive and doing things. If you tell them they will win something, then it's going to be hard fighting off the urge to scratch off the back. Interactivity is as basic a human need as eating and breathing. We wouldn't have discovered fire without being a little interactive, so it's bred into our genes. You can't help but touch something, especially if you know you can win, or if you know you shouldn't.

    The forbidden scratch-off. Don't scratch unless you are prepared to accept the responsibility of winning lots of cash and prizes (sorry, kind of rambling now).

    "Wish you were here" just seems like an overused sales technique that goes in the "too lazy to come up with something better" pile, aka: junk mail.
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    • The problem with an "interactive scratch card" on a postcard is the printing expense.

      Also it's best to make sure everyone wins a prize - or the audience can be disappointed (don't upset them with a losing "card" if you want a high response).

      The prize doesn't have to be dramatic - maybe an extra discount, a free "whatever" - ideally they get it once they respond to the "offer"


      P.S. On the theme "Wish you were here" - I felt it was a quintessentially british phrase. I have used it. During the peak UK holiday season. When business is quiet. The "offer" was especially for people who were not on holiday.

      Nobody complained. Or screamed garbage. I wasn't called "archaic" And out of the 25,000 people that received the postcard - no one said they felt they're intelligence had been insulted.

      The trigger was the "sensational offer" - and the response was high.
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    Maybe it's just me, because I start screaming spam and feel it's fiery grip on my fingers.
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    Possibly because you are looking at it from a marketer's perspective, Kimbo.
    If you weren't, you may be more receptive.
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    • Jim - it's unlikely - but if you ever get a marketing - "Wish you were here" postcard with a "sensational offer"

      Please tear it up into shreds, swear at it, and destroy it.

      But would you do me a favor?

      Don't call it spam - it's not an email.

      Call it junk.



      P.S. Can I say that postcards and flyers do work phenomenally well.

      "Wish you all did more of them"
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    ...But, I'm from the digital age. We don't believe in paper anymore. If it's not an email, then it doesn't exist.

    Really, I got you. Wrong terminology there, my mistake. It's not tasty, tasty spam, it's junk.

    Also, maybe I am a little too harsh. However, you will notice that I am a pretty harsh person when things annoy me (like the sheer number of adverbs used in "Twilight"). Oh well, I'll go back to prying open a can of spam and crying about it.
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      Originally Posted by KimboJim View Post

      ...But, I'm from the digital age. We don't believe in paper anymore. If it's not an email, then it doesn't exist.
      And if few people are doing it, the message will stand out, won't it?
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    What niche is your business in? What is the objective of the post card?

    With more info, I can give you time/price if you're still looking for a writer.

    Feel free to PM me if don't you want this info public for any reason.


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    I think Steves on the right track.

    As long as its tasteful and not cheesy. There is a difference between outright deception and subtle design.

    Magalogs, Bookalogs, Personalized mailings, etc. all use this type of tactic. Its been shown to improve response for oh I dono the last 90 years or so.

    Dan Kennedy used to send people postcards from wherever he went on vacation, worked great. Threw an offer on the back. If you have the right theme it can work great. I think it just needs to be done tastefully and not as a cheesy tactic.

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