What do you guys think of these headlines/graphics?

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Hey guys I'm planning to launch a Warrior for Hire thread soon, and I've been busy creating headline graphics for it in inkscape. I don't really have the budget to hire a designer so I've been learning it myself. I think my graphics look reasonably good although I'm not a pro at this side of things, so maybe you guys can tell me if my assessments are mistaken.

What I want feedback on is two things:

1) The content of the headlines and sub-headings presented

AND 2) The graphic styles I've used.

Here are the links:

Main headline and sub-head:


Case Study Box:

(I'm eventually going to add text here to illustrate the case study of someone I wrote sales copy for who got a good conversion rate; for now, just tell me what you think of the box and the headline inside it).


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    The first one is decent. The sub header is okay but the red and green together is really distracting. I'd go with one, single color. Black maybe and I think I'd take the font size down a point. The second graphic appears to be kinda dated, like something you might have seen 10 years ago. Good luck.
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    The green text is hard for me to read.

    Also, I think the background color of the case study box will make it hard to read the text you eventually put there. Black type on a pale-colored (white, light yellow) background is your best bet.

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    Hey Andy,

    The red and green of your main headline screams "Christmas". The smaller deck copy isn't easy to read, you need to reduce the outline. And overall I'm finding it a bit too contrasty - it's starting to vibrate (remember, the WF's background isn't pure white) - and hard on the eyes.

    Your case study box is vibrating massively, the usual solution is to increase your letter spacing, but in this case I'd switch to a more subtle background, as Charles said, it looks dated.

    As an aside, I'd invest the time to learn about the design side of things. Even if you intend to outsource, understanding the fundamentals will make it easier (and you won't get conned with a "pretty" design rather than a readable, converting one).

    Andrew Gould

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      Originally Posted by Andrew Gould View Post

      Hey Andy,

      The red and green of your main headline screams "Christmas".
      Yeah, I had that thought myself; the problem is I've heard that blue and red is worse. I'm now thinking I'll probably just change the text to black though.
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    The copy is good on the first one.
    The second one is not easy on the eyes.

    Stacey Mathis
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    Twitter: @staceythewriter

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    They need alot of work to be honest. Fonts + Colours are key.
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      Do you really want to say, Stop Reading Now...in your headline? Rather than taking a negative..."not" approach, it may work better to focus the headline on the benefit your prospect will get.

      And I totally agree about the red/green. More and more I see multiple colors in headline text, and it really makes for hard reading.
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    clicked the links in the OP....

    look at the difference between your headlines and this one (I just whipped it up in 2 min as a joke)

    I *strongly* suggest you either..

    a. learn how to use photoshop better
    b. take a design class to learn what good design is (and isn't)
    c. get someone else to do them

    The stuff in the links was bad.... REALLY bad.


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