Pitching a Copy Writing Job for a Clickbank Product

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I am creating a product/membership site in the health/nutrition field, and I am also interested in copywriting.

I am an affiliate of a certain Clickbank product, but think that I could totally re-write the sales page and make the conversions on the page a lot higher. It is a product that I like and promote, but I just think I could help him improve his sales.

Should I contact him, and make him some kind of offer? Should I go ahead and do the work, then show him and let him make an offer? Tell him my idea before I do the work? What kind of copy writing offer should I make?

I am not sure about how to go about it. He may even reject the idea that I can write a better sales page than he has up. Thank you for the advice
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    hello maverickwec, how experienced are you in writing copy?
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    Write the copy. Link directly to the Cb checkout from your order button.

    Sell some and keep careful records of your metrics.

    If it kicks butt, offer to license it to the product owner for a healthy equity in the product.


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      Originally Posted by LoudMac View Post

      Write the copy. Link directly to the Cb checkout from your order button.
      That sounds like a great plan. How do I do the direct link to the Cb checkout without the buyer going through the regular sales page?
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    hi mavericwec

    if you find your copy converts better than his you may want to create a product in that niche yourself and sell it.

    keep 100% of the money and maybe have affiliates promote for YOU.

    just an idea.

    good on you for showing initiative.


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