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Hello fellow warriors, I have a squeeze page for a video on dating. Can you guys look at it and tell me anything that comes to your mind when you see it. I would like to hear what you have to say. I would like this to convert well. So could you make sure you let me know what I should add or subtract.

Also, when I visit the url I have a slight delay let me know if you experience this also.

Thanks in advance.

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    well your squeeze page is not offering some form of incentive to subscribe, an image of the product that your offering for free?

    I think your copy needs to change, people dont like being instructed it's almost like saying your telling them what to do, people would rather prefer a more suttle approach on being taught. test it..

    if you want more conversion, change up the copy, get a product together that your going to give away for free, have an image of the free product to give away, have a more clearer call to action button, sell the benefits of the product to the subscriber.

    change your subheader, most people dont have 45mins of their time to give. try those changes see what kind of results you get

    check out some of david deangelo's squeeze pages and get an idea.

    hope it helps,

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    Well, I disagree with Birdi. I think the market you are promoting to have 45 minutes to spare if it will provide them wih the information they need.

    I like your copy (I think Eben Pagan uses similar copy on his landing pages).

    The only suggestion I would make is to change the pic of the hot chick to something more believable and approachable for a person who finds it difficult to get a girl. The pic is hot, but more geared towards fantasy rather than reality for the market you are targeting.

    Your site hangs for 7 - 10 seconds at the start by the way.

    Edit: I just read what birdi said about David. d, but am i correct in thinking that that's where you got the idea for the copy in the first place? "Eben?" - David?
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      I like the background pic although some would view it as smutty or cheap

      and i agree with earlier comments, you need an image of the product you are providing like an ebook cover or some discs - also try and play around with the font a little, use different font families and colours and sizes and I would try to do something about spacing - as in space the text out a bit more
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    I think the squeeze page is fine for the niche. The photo for the background... nice! This is the type of niche that photo attention is important, however I have read many case studies on other niches where the less visual on the page the better the subscriber rate.

    Bringing some attention to the signup button may help increase the subscriber rate a little too... some red arrows drawing the readers attention to subscribe could help.
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    overall the page layout is good. Above the fold and no fuss.

    Your copy can be improved as the content phrasing is alittle clumsy. There was one line that didn't make sense to me, only after reading it about 5 times I started to understand what you were trying to say: 'Attraction triggers women have that will get them to obsess over you.'....maybe its just too early in the morning here lol

    I feel your call to action can be improved dramatically:

    'Just use your First Name and Primary Email then click the “Free Instant Access!” button to enter (Use the same first name & email when returning. All information kept 100% confidential). Allow the next page a few seconds to load.'

    The first part is blindingly obvious, re. clicking the 'Free Instant Access!' button (when in actual fact your button is 'Get Access'!)

    I do not understand the 'Use the same name and email when returning' part, that doesn't make sense to me at all.

    You can remove that whole part and be more direct, something like: 'To receive my FREE report now, enter your details below' With a large red arrow (improves conversions)

    hope that helps

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    Joseph has a point here... although this niche it may work for the people who would be looking at this ad who are looking for this type of information... a photo of a sexy woman... I just think more attention needs to be directed to the subscriber button and fill-in boxes... capture the eyes and lead them there.
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    Hey guys Thanks for the comments. I have put your comments to good use and I thank you for it. I have a new one if you guys would again give me your feedback I would greatly appreciate it.

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      Originally Posted by juggerna623 View Post

      Hey guys Thanks for the comments. I have put your comments to good use and I thank you for it. I have a new one if you guys would again give me your feedback I would greatly appreciate it.


      You might want to start a new thread for the revised squeeze page.

      People may think that this is an old thread so they don't bother checking out.

      But then again, I might be wrong.

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