Thanks so much for the help, Warriors!

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As a lot of you guys know, I've been on these forums the past couple weeks doing as much as I could to soak up as much help as I could possibly get to help fix my crazy, bad sales page that was converting at a mere 1%...

I was told to use story, to use heart in my sales page! And to make it less chaotic... To make it engage my audience!

All great tips for real!

I'd like to share my website now that I have gone through and changed a TON about the sales page...

Would like some critique now for the new sales page?

I'm VERY proud of it!! Compared to the last one I think you guys will think it is way better, I took EVERYBODY'S tips into account!

My site:
How to Sell Beats Online | Beat Selling Tips

Let me know what you think! And any changes you suggest!

I am going to get professional graphics & layout done this next month... Don't worry! That is the 1 thing I didn't do yet.

Let me know!

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    i think you need to get your statistics right (FB is now worth $100B,
    and you might want to get some legal advice about using income
    screenshots due to the new stringent FTC regulations. Also your
    p@ypal screenshots are from 2010 & 2011. If you're making 5-6k/mo
    selling beats, providing a recent screenshot for credibility purposes.

    Hope that helps
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      For sure thanks for the tips! What did you mean by new FTC regulations? Care to explain more about what those are? I've seen people all over the place putting up their PayPal records. And yeah they're a bit out dated I guess, the $6,450 paypal record was from the end of last year so yeah I guess at 6 months old its starting to get a bit old
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