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My product is now into its 3rd year and although sales are going OK like anyone else I'm hungry for more in a competitive marketplace!

The sales page has gone through many different makeovers but as it stands now it seems to convert quite well...but could it do better?

We've just yesterday added a new product to it and so I've had to make some changes.

I'd love some feedback please as long as it's constructive.

A.S.A.Piano! Learn To Play Easy Beginners Piano & Keyboard Songs By Ear

Many thanks
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    If you want to make more money off your current system you can:
    • Increase Conversions
    • Increase Traffic
    • Modify your economics

    Increase Conversions
    You'll increase your conversions if you target the end buyer better. If this for meant for kids with parents that want them to be high achievers? Is this system is retired folks who want to stimulate their brains? Is this for the loser in the family that wants to impress everybody next holiday season? Is this for the person who's already done online video courses and yours is better?

    I honestly think if you broke down your market you'll find a certain type is buying your system more than others. If you do have many segments of buyers, then you'd benefit greatly by creating seperate sales letters for each one.

    This, BTW, isn't as hard as you might think. PM me for details

    Increase Traffic
    I didn't notice any affiliate's link or information. You can immediately increase your sales if you have an affiliate program.

    Modify your economics
    Not having bought your course I don't know what type of OTO you have or what your backend looks like, so....

    1. ) Make this a membership site with a reoccurring charge where you add new songs each week.
    2.) Offer tiered packages with personal consulting time

    I think that is enough to chew on for now.

    If you find this post helpful, please hit the "thanks" button.

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    Thanks button hit copyassassin
    Some interesting points and points that I have already been considering TBH, but it is good to see that I'm on the same wavelength as someone else.

    The concept of targeting certain audiences is something that has been an aim for a long time and so it's very interesting that you have also picked up on this.

    It's part of the reason that we have continued to expand our collections i.e. producing lessons for Gospel (a recent addition), Popular Songs & Ballads.

    It is also very interesting that you mention retired people (maybe as a result of a few of the testimonials). We do seem to have a lot of success with older people, maybe because they feel that they now have the time on their hands to learn piano (but not a lifetime).

    We have a members area where our students access the lessons, plus a forum too. It is probably our aim long term to offer a monthly membership, but the problem we have is that although the lessons are very quick to learn by, they are quite time consuming to create.

    1 lesson per week would be quite a challenge for us to put together but not out of the question. Something to consider further down the track though.


    I appreciate you feedback a lot.

    p.s. yes we do have an affiliate program with Clickbank but removed the link from the salespage because of Google. http://www.asapiano.com/affiliates.htm
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