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Sending out direct mail material to prospects is an effective way of selling products and services.

As a copywriter I have not tried this method. I seek your wise counsel.

A list broker deals with mailing lists. He/she works closely with list managers.He helps direct marketers find appropriate lists. Sorry --- she helps marketers find appropriate lists.

Well I have now been gender sensitive!

Lists are important because they enable a marketer target an audience that is likely to respond positively to a campaign.

There are various list types. These are suspect, prospect, first time buyers and repeat buyer lists.

We could still classify lists into response, compiled, modeled and hotline lists.

Choosing a high response mailing list is of paramount importance if a marketing campaign has to be successful.

Now, warriors, take your spears and shields. Help me here ---

There are copywriters out there in countries direct mail marketing ( using direct mail packages/sales letters) is unheard of. They have to sell their services abroad.

  • Where do they get list brokers to rent lists from in order to sell their services?
  • How do list brokers ensure that their rented lists are used only once?
  • Who rolls out the marketing campaign?(posting and receiving responses)
  • How do both the marketer and the list companies know how successful a campaign has been?
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