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In one of his recent e-mails Michel Fortin mentioned his website is moving to a new platform for delivery of their video education--it's called

Online Courses from the World's Experts | Udemy

You may want to consider them for any training you offer. I checked out a few of the free courses to get an idea of the service and it is a very clean platform. The course I took was called "Ideas Come From Everywhere," by Marissa Mayer, the new CEO at Yahoo. It was recorded when she was at Google.

I found the same lecture on Youtube. She makes an interesting observation that reminded me of a thread here on the forum a while back about copywriting in help wanted ads (couldn't find it for some reason).

I thought it was a good example of knowing your audience and a simple, clear headline (the link is queued to the segment.)

Marissa Mayer at Stanford University - YouTube
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    You're dead on about "knowing your audience." It is CRITICAL to conversion.

    Example: Everyone thinks that their target market wants to make, they write copy such as: ...Imagine having $100 a day coming into your bank account each and every day...

    Yet, conversions are a few at best.

    It's true that their market does want to make money, but you have to touch that nerve that makes them "tick." What little pain/problem is going on in their head?

    Yes, they want money, BUT, how about making money WITHOUT building a website, or without spending another dime on tools, or by simply writing a 500 word article on something they ALREADY know.

    Whatever it is, you as the copywriter has to find that out.

    That's why going to forums and reading what your market hates and likes is important. Learn the words they use.

    Another great place to learn about your market is reading real reviews. Amazon has lots of them. Read them. They tell you what they hate and like about a product.

    You'll have to tweak words or headlines or something to test what works. Test ONE THING at a time, however, so you know what is or is not making a difference.

    Hope all my jibber jabber made sense.
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