How do you inject personality into a topic you know very little about?

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Hi Warriors

The best type of content seems to be where the author shows passion and true enthusiasm for the subject. Well placed jokes and self-deprecating humor also works really well to engage the reader.

However how do you guys go about writing a piece of content full of these attributes when you know little about a topic? Sure you can do research, but that only really solves the informative aspect of the content.


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    Research develops passion itself. I see no reason where an author from another niche can't write better than the author who writes on a particular niche daily.

    For example,
    If person A writes on a technology blog everyday, it can be possible that person B (who just entered the niche) can start writing better than person A within a week. All depends on the skills of the author!
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  • My advice is rarely use humor in copywriting unless it's your own ad for your own products. Even then I would go light.

    Humor can lower defenses but it also lowers conversions. It's extremely subjective and usually not worth the risk.

    If you mean content writing, that's a different story and probably better off in the main forum.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Passion and research are the key why writers can take off to a particular topic though they have little knowledge about the topic.
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    Sounds like you're asking about article writing and not sales copywriting?
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    Yes I am asking about article writing

    "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" - Richard Feynman

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      Spend time understanding why the business owner is passionate about their business. It doesn't matter how dry or boring what they do or offer seems, there's a reason why they are making money in the real world.

      Find the passion and understand why it exists. That's the sun that provides warmth to their business model. It's your job as a copywriter to act as a magnifying glass.
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        Get inside the head of the topic's target audience and walk around. By the time you're done traipsing around their world, you'll develop passion for the subject; it's infectious. Go where they hang out. Go to the places where they let their hair down and where they speak frankly and openly. Visit forums that cater to them, where they allow themselves to be vulnerable, where they can ask embarrassing questions anonymously or where they show off. Go to the niched linkedin groups where the subject is vented about, where colleagues share stories and questions or laugh about the topic. Read online magazine articles and news articles (online) that target your subjects target market. I say to read the online versions because they often allow comments from readers, and it's really the comments that you want to take in.

        Stacey Mathis
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    If you want to transfer passion through and article about a topic you don't know or like there's 2 options:

    1. Look for someone that already HAVE passion and knowledge about the topic
    2. Get passion and knowledge about that topic overtime by researching and writing every day...

    It may be the most difficult way, but surely it's the most effective
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