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In another forum posting the question was asked, "What is the Best Copywriting Course?"

Unfortunately few links were provided for the referenced resources. So I took the liberty to "Google" each of the courses. The links below are for each of the mentioned courses that I could find still online. The links are presented in no particular order.

Keep in mind that links change with time. Months form now the links may be dead. For now, though, the links are current.

I can only imagine the combined, cumulative waste of time if every warrior who read that original thread chose to dig up these links on their own. Many search results yield garbage links. So finding the exact sites could take an hour of manual digging.

Hopefully this list saves hours of wasted energy for everyone.

None of these links are affiliate links to my knowledge. Every link came straight out of Google. I'm promoting nothing in this post.

* I've not taken any liberties to add additional authors, publishers, or courses not mentioned as part of the original discussion -- and let's keep it that way please.

The List

AWAI Six-Figure Course - Can You Write a Letter Like This One?

AWAI Masters Course - Retire This Year! Copywriting Programs by AWAI

John Carlton "Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets Of A Marketing Rebel" - John Carlton - Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets | Marketing Rebel

AWAI & Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Business Academy - Dan Kennedy’s Business of Copywriting Academy

Dan Kennedy's Copy Mastery - Copywriting Mastery and Sales-Thinking Bootcamp - GKIC Resource Center

Dan Kennedy - The Ultimate Sales Letter - The Ultimate Sales Letter: The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract...

Dan Kennedy "Salesmanship-In-Print" Seminar -

Craig Garber - Craig Garber & Products & Services Guaranteed To Increase Your Sales

Ted Nicholas (these are the top two search results for copywriting guides I found of his):

- How To Turn Words Into Money
- Ted Nicholas Products

Jason Fladlien 3 Hour Copywriting - Stopwatch Copywriting

Paul Hancox (quite a number of WSO's) -

Paul Hancox Coaching WSO -

Make Your Words Sell - Make Your Words Sell!

Self Explanatory --- > The Gary Halbert Letter [hijacked or for sale site] - I think poster meant Clayton Makepeace's --->

Maria Veloso "Web Copy That Sells" - Web Copy That Sells - Maria Veloso Bio

John Carlton's Simple Writing System - Simple Writing System - John Carlton

Bernadette Schwerdt - Copywriting: Writing for Profit - Australian School of Copywriting, Copywriting Courses, Home Study Courses, Freelance Copywriting

Mike Dillard "The Copywriters Guild" (copywriting for MLM industry) -- The Copywriters Guild - Copywriting tips

Ken McCarthy Advanced Copywriting Course - Secret Copywriting Tricks Of The Trade

Joseph Sugarman - The Adweek Copywriting Handbook - The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The...

Bob Bly - The Copywriter's HandBook (separate editions): The Copywriter's Handbook: The Copywriter's Handbook: A... The Copywriter's Handbook, The Copywriter's Handbook, Third...

John Ritskowitz - The CopyWriters ToolKit - The Copywriter's Toolkit

* * *
  • I just finished a really cool free one. It is a bit outdated because it's before the internet really, but the information still works. It's being used in net sales copies today.

    Sells letters that sell.
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  • OK, I'm curious. Very often I see people refer to multiple sales letters as "sales copies" rather than "sales copy." Is this common outside the New World?
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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      Originally Posted by Joe Ditzel View Post

      OK, I'm curious. Very often I see people refer to multiple sales letters as "sales copies" rather than "sales copy." Is this common outside the New World?
      I don't have the heart to correct people who say "sales copies". Haha
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    Joe. When you asked that question with a smile on your face I thought you were kidding.
    Then I Googled "sales copies" and 41,000 search results popped up. Never would have expected that. Good eye.

    Sales Letters That Sell. masterpaintingnow, staff closed the previous thread dealing with this same question. I'm certain is with good reason. My intent here is to simplify finding the referenced resources. Not add to the list of previously mentioned resources.

    "Stolen" Hollywood Story Selling Method Boosts Copy Response Like Crazy
    Discover Insider Secrets of Successful Direct Response Copywriting
    Free Step-by-Step 30 Minute Video Shows All. Nothing Held Back!
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    What about books, too? I found John Caple's tested advertising methods very good.
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    Nice list.

    Brian Keith Voiles' Advertising Magic is going on eBay these days for a few bucks on CD Rom.
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    There are certain tried and true phrases that work like "magic", but this is not to second testing different phrases and copy yourself.
    Simple Two Step Formula
    Earns Me Over $146.72 in 12 Hours. This is Weird, But it Works!
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  • I believe the biggest frustration copywriting newbies have is that 99% of the courses out there have no structure whatsoever and just seem to be an assemblage of random curiosities.

    Then most of the courses that appear to have some structure are far too vague when it comes to anything beyond the headline, offer, and guarantee.

    The closest I've seen to a left-brain-friendly copywriting course is Shortcut Copywriting Secrets by Scott Haines. I don't think it's even available anymore.
    The Long Sales Letter Is Dead

    You will not find me trying to sell you anything on this forum.
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    I have John Carlton's Kick Ass Course, AWAI's 6-Figure Course, Randy Gage's Copywriting stud Course, and Jason Fladlien's Stopwatch Course. All 4 have great value and have indispensable information.

    But the most bang for the buck is definitely Fladlien's course, in my opinion.

    At the time of this post, it's selling for $37. But it has as much value (and more in some cases) than the other 3 big guns. Jason's course is more informative on web copy. He goes over web page structure, graphics, and other related stuff. And Jason's is the best structured out of the 4.

    Carlton's course is probably my best overall course because, he'll teach you to be a good overall sales writer. Randy Gage's course is a close second, he was better at teaching writing style.

    I didn't see a link for Randy Gage's course, so here it is: How to Become a Copywriting Stud! by Randy Gage - Prosperity Store

    AWAI's course is very good too. The exercises are the most extensive out of the bunch. Just overpriced in my opinion. It was the first course I bought a few years back, so I didn't know any better.

    [I'm not affiliated with any of these guys and don't know them personally, so this is unbiased.]
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    i vote for john carltons simple writing system
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