How to put graphical characters in your email subject line

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Crack programmer Paul Galloway put this little utility together -- it allows you to generate the code required for inserting little graphical characters in your email subject lines.

Don't go crazy with it, because too many of these makes your email look spammy. But there's no question one or two of these in your email will get attention.

- Rick Duris
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    So THAT's how they do it! About a month ago, all of a sudden, the shopping emails I got ALL had We <3 shoes (or something to that effect). It actually annoyed me seeing graphics in the subject line. I was wondering why all of sudden I was being bombarded with cute graphics in the subject line. I'm thinking all these companies use the same copywriting/advertising source.
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      Nice! I had been wondering how to do that! As you say, when overused they look horrendous, but used sparingly and subtly they can make your emails stand out against the hundreds of others in an inbox
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  • Good one rick.
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    I've just been testing this with Aweber and have had mixed results...

    If I compose a follow-up message using the old style editor (which I prefer anyway), everything seems to work fine and I can use those weird characters in both my 'From' and 'Subject' lines, but if I use the new editor, the 'From' and 'Subject' lines display the actual code (such as "=?utf-8?Q?=E2=98=85?=" for a 5 pointed star, for example) instead of the desired character.

    I could just about live with this, if it wasn't for the fact that similar things happen with broadcast messages. If I use the old style editor, the characters in the 'Subject' line are displayed correctly, but any characters used in the 'From' line are shown as the code instead, and neither work properly for broadcast messages composed with the new style editor.

    So to summarize - if you want to use this kind of thing (with Aweber anyway), feel free to use them in your subject lines, but keep your 'From' line as simple text, and always use the old style editor.

    Has anyone else had any better or different results than me using Aweber or other autoresponders? I've emailed Aweber about this and don't offer any support for 'foreign characters'?
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