Please review my landing page

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Hi guys,

please have a look at my landing page and give some advice for improvements. You can make your jokes about the niche afterwords please provide constructvie feedback first:

review-elite dot com / penis-enlargement-review dot php

Thanks in advance.

PS: I know the home and about me etc.links don'twork.
PPS: Sry I had to break up the link
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    It's not a bad start at all!

    Here are a few notes for you.
    • Decrease the size of "Does penis enlargement really work?"
    • Increase the size of the next line
    • Work on your grammar. There are a few sentences that don't really make sense. Your punctuation is also off in a number of places.
    • What is the primary action you want users to take? Your page is unclear about this. If it's the newsletter, consider a Javascript in-window popup. I've seen *huge* results from this.
    • Unbold your text and use bolding and italics only to emphasize certain pieces of text

    The biggest suggestion I can make is to increase the size of your main header. You can do this with exercises... pills... or plain CSS Jokes aside, you really want to grab your readers attention. You've got less than seven seconds to do that and the first thing you want them to see is a catchy header.
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    I usually run my headlines / ad titles / etc through this headline analyzer - I'm a bit hazy about the science behind it, but I do seem to get better results when I use this tool!
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      @scheda: actually that was a good joke! I expected worse. Anyway since I have almost no clue about webdesign I have to ask whether you are referring to the headline or the top picture when you say increase the size of the header? I'll be able to do the first but I guess I'D destroy the whole template by trying to do the latter.

      My main purpose is to sell the product. I have 2 different ppc campaigns. 1.) "does penis enlargement really work"-kind, that leads to the first landing page. 2.) "product name review" that leads to the 2nd landing page, which only shows the review and the comments.

      What would you suggest in order to make the purpose clear? If I go too strong it seems more like hype and sales page instead of a review.

      @gb2008: Seems to be a cool tool. But I assume the algorithm considers only the words and catogerizes them but is not able to evaluate the whole picture. I'll test in the future.
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    The first thing I would test is a more specific headline such as

    "How To Increase Your Penis Length By 1.5 Inches And Widen It By Half An Inch -With No Drugs...With No Surgery...With No Tricks...In The Privacy Of Your Own Home...In Only 30 Days Guaranteed"

    The other members have given you some great advice as well. I believe that the 3 lines of your current headline would work well as individual subheadlines.

    The other thing I notice is all the other links and optin boxes on the page. Clear these out, have only the red and black text on the page. The only other things you should allow on the page are things that help the sale or opt in. Audio and video are options, as long as they add to the process rather than distracting from it.

    You can also test the picture to the left of the headline vs below it. PM me if you want to know more.
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