How to attract new high paying copywriting clients to you like bees to honey

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Are you a new copywriter struggling
to land yourself one or two or more
high paying copywriting clients?

An experienced copywriter with
gaps in your schedule?

Do you want to find more high
paying clients where you get to
choose the niche and who you'll
write sales copy for?

Step up to the plate and read this
for I know for a fact this works
well and I know it can work for
you too.

Thanks to the CopyBlogger for
providing this information. Since
there's more than enough clients
to go round for all of us, no harm
done in giving you this free info,
here it is - you can thank me later...

Want More Copywriting Clients? Here’s a Surprising Way to Find Them | Copyblogger

Making copywriters lives more
profitable - it's simple and takes
just 5 minutes with a dead simple
post like this one.

Happy to help.

Warmest regards,

Mark Andrews
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  • Originally Posted by Mark Andrews View Post

    there's more than enough clients
    to go round for all of us, no harm
    done in giving you this free info,
    here it is - you can thank me later
    Good stuff. It's true. There are more than enough clients to keep us all busy for the next 200 years. How many clients can you handle in one year? It's a drop in the ocean of the potential business out there. Even more so if you niche yourself. Just keep improving your skills every day, and you'll have more clients than you can handle.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Thanks Joe for your reply.

    Now, I want to make this even easier for you guys, so make sure you check this link out...

    Lets say for example that you want to write to the CEO's of top leading companies here in the United Kingdom - well now you can, easy peasy. Bypass the gatekeepers and write them directly.

    There are more than enough up to date direct contact details to keep you all busy for a long time and I'm sure for the United States there must be similar lists, so you might want to conduct a Google search to turn up trumps.

    Click this now... CEO e-mail addresses - CEO email address - chief executive officer - managing director list - UK - US - Asia - customer services - customer care

    Fantastic huh?

    Now all you've got to do is to put together a direct mail promotional piece which really grabs the attention and communicates effectively your best benefits... why this CEO should use you as their next copywriter and you should be well on your way to grabbing many more new clients.

    For ideas how to grab the CEO's attention, go to Google and type in keyword phrases similar to these...

    "direct mail promotional products"


    "direct mail attention grabbing"


    Click on some of the links, get clued up on a few ideas what works and what doesn't then brainstorm how you're going to put an effective direct mail package together to give yourself the best possible response rate.

    You're copywriters (or you're supposed to be) so this should come fairly naturally to you.

    More ideas here...

    The Best Marketing Ideas and Top 20 Promotional Products

    Warmest regards,

    Mark Andrews
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    • Profile picture of the author cadnambarnes
      Hi Mark,

      I'm new here on the Forum, I'm in the UK.

      Do you happen to know of any sensible way to find mailing lists for direct marketing companies in the UK (newsletter providers, direct mail users etc)?

      I know in the US there are some good resources like Target Marketing but I'm struggling to find similar here.

      Any pointers appreciated.

      Cheers, Cadnam.
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  • Another good target is businesses big enough to hire a marketing director but their copy needs outweigh what that one person can handle. Generally, you are looking at companies with about 20 employees and at least $5 million in sales. Send direct mail to that marketing contact.

    Find just a few of these, and you'll need to graph new hands and arms on to your body to handle all the work.

    This interview with a lumpy mail expert will give you some ideas on getting their attention:

    Also check out The Ultimate Sales Machine for ideas:
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    Hey Mark, thanks for the links. I use to use post cards to get business for my plumbing company. My last sales letter titled "S.H.IT." Happens... was a landslide. That 22 page letter kept me hopping for over 2 years and made over $450,000 in those 2 years.
    It really should have made me more. I blame it on the economy, since I live in a rural area, and tourist only come around Lake of the Ozarks , MO. from spring til after labor day.

    What does S.H.I.T. stand for ... Sudden Hydronic Infringement Tears.
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      Dang Mark, keep up these great threads. You seem to be metamorphosing into a butterfly, both in the quality of your posts and as a human being :p

      Mark Andrews v2.0 = Awesome
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  • Good post Mark.

    When I started out my mentor would get me to call them up.

    Can be a little scary but even fewer people do that after sending a makes you stand out a good way
    "Peter Brennan is the real deal, In the first 12 hours we did $80k...and over $125k in the first week...if you want to be successful online, outsource your copywriting to Peter"
    Adam Linkenauger

    For 12 ways to sell more stuff to more people today...go
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  • Profile picture of the author Tony Wells
    Copywriter Scott Haines's "ultimate secret weapon" was sending direct mail letters (FedEx Priority) to prospects.

    He used Halbert's dollar bill opener and attached $5, $20 and even $100 dollar bills.

    Pretty damn effective at getting attention and making you stand out.

    Here's the dollar bill opener: Copywriting: Gary Halbert Dollar Bill Letter
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    • Profile picture of the author Mark Andrews
      A book you might enjoy Tony is by Bill Glazer - Outrageous Advertising that's Outrageously Successful.


      2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success by Denny Hatch & Don Jackson.

      More ideas in those two books than you can shake a stick at.

      Smoking hot,

      Mark Andrews
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