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Hi Copy-writing Warriors,

A big thank you to all of you.

I have been really enjoying getting back into this community, hearing your thoughts, getting help, trying to give help and keeping focused on copy writing.

Just wanted to share something I read last night and hopefully spark some good discussions or at worst, contribute something of value to you. I did a quick search but didn't find this on the forum so apologies if it has already been posted.

The Most Persuasive Words in Spoken Language...

Ref: "The Definitive Book of Body Language" Alan and Barbara Pease, 2004, p. 357

I first learned Power Words from John Carlton's classic swipe file.

What power words do you like to use, because these 7 sound like the basis of almost ALL copy

But I do like the idea of POWER WORDS, and words that resonate with a reader to emote and drive them to action, re-action or no-action!

Thanks all,
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