Just out of interest if you had to pick just one...

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...WSO sales letter which ticks all the right boxes in your opinion (not one of your own) which one would it be?

And why?

Please post up the link below to the sales letter in question.

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews
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    Ross Bowring's autoresponder writing WSO:



    Killer hook that also provides the reason why for the offer and creates the know, trust, like factor, backed up by powerful, flowing writing.

    And none of the arrogant, baseless hype you normally see here in copywriting offers.

    Andrew Gould

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      ^ No kidding, that's one good sales letter. ^

      But I like it not because "it's a good ad"... But because it checks
      off all the points of being a good ad.

      The Beginner's Doctor

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        There's the spirit Andrew, an excellent suggestion! Thank you too for providing a few simple words why you feel this particular sales letter works so well for the WSO forum section.

        As we all know, WSO sales letter writing is a different kettle of fish to most other forms of copywriting. So it's good to see at least one person so far who gets what this thread is all about.

        Copywriters... this is your chance to find a sales letter in the WSO section of the forum to promote this copywriters work. Let's help one another here. Of course, you don't need to just pick another copywriters sales letter in this section, it could be anybody's, non-copywriters included.

        Can we have one or two more please?

        Surely over the months / years you've been here, you've found at least one which really stood out in your mind for all the right reasons from a copywriting perspective?

        I look forward as I'm sure we all do to seeing what you can come up with. This isn't about self promotion rather helping to promote other good people here on this forum.

        Many thanks.

        Smoking hot,

        Mark Andrews
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    Andrew, thank you for pointing to this letter.

    It's almost three years old now, as is my son.

    I was thinking about this the other day because my wife's about to pop out our third baby in the next couple weeks. (Hope it's mine this time.)

    And I know I'm gonna get fleeced for photos once again :-)

    To humbly offer a lesson: Anyone reading this who is a copywriter starting out... the thought and effort you put into your first WSO copy to get your career ball rolling can pay off for years to come.

    I can trace many well-paying gigs back to this dinky little WSO that sold out quick.

    In the last couple months I've taken on a regular consulting client. Someone very active on the WF who can afford my healthy fees. His reason for approaching me?

    This baby-makin' WSO that he swiped when he was beginning to build his own, now mid-five-figures a month business.

    Now... in the spirit of this thread, here's a link to a Stripped Naked PDF I posted a while back that dissected a WSO that stood out to me.


    And here's the thread...


    --- Ross
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  • Man, Ross' photo extortion copy is gold. I also liked the Fast Effective Copy WSO copy (what?)

    I'm pretty sure the original WSO was longer than it is now, more like the product's sales page:
    Fast Effective Copy

    Conversational, compelling, comprehensive, clean design.
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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      Ross is the man! I still refer to his Stripped Naked Sales Letter from time to time.
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    Ross's stuff is amazing. I find myself reading, re-reading, re-reading. Every time I'm like HOLY CRAP! How in the world can someone possibly write copy like this? Sheesh!! I learned a ton from this guys copy, I don't think I'll ever be able to combine words and thoughts like him, or craft a hook like him, but hell I'm no Brad Pitt either and I still have a pretty HOT wife!
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    Here here!
    The Montello Group
    Your Premier Conversion Cooperative

    Join Us For Free Conversion Webinars
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    Yours is equally AMAZING Mr. Montello!!!!
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