Somebody rate my Fitness/bodybuiling squeezepage?

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Hi Warriors,

Can you help me out for a second and take a look at my

The Easiest Way To Physical Perfection |

Many thanks!

best wishes from the Netherlands.
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    You've got some proven "magic words" in there: easiest, free, guarantees, success.

    They get attention and tickle mental anchors.

    As I see it, though, a problem: Physical Perfection. It's too abstract.

    Be more specific.

    Your squeeze page should have some level of congruency with the paid offer which comes later. If not, the subscribers are not being properly targeted.

    I also don't see any differentiation. What makes you different from the other 10,000 marketers offering the same thing?


    Disclaimer: This advice assumes you've researched and determined the driving emotions of your market. LOL
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    what is physical perfection?

    what is success?

    copy's too vague.

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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    I agree that it is too vague. Perhaps you can add in what is an ultimate physique, and why the customer would want one Even one powerful emotionally stimulating line could make them sign up.
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    You need to write some intriguing bullets.

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    "This free e-book guarantees your success!" - my success in what?

    "anyone who works out with weights must own this 100+ page Ebook" - because...

    "The most effective methods of strength training to stilt your needs" - Stilts? Let me grab my dictionary because I want to understand what they want to sell. Said no prospect ever.

    I'd say add more bullets with benefits. 103 pages should be enough to have loads of information. Prove it.

    You can also be more specific. "tried-and-true tips for sculpting, strengthening..." -> "27 tried-and-true tips for sculpting, strengthening"

    Good luck, also from rainy Netherlands!
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    This is a niche that made me wealthy over the last 11 years or so... and I can tell you from experience... when I was as vague and ambiguous as this when I first started, I was broke.

    It wasn't until I started getting ULTRA specific in each and every sentence I wrote that I started making life-changing money.

    So you need to be as specific as possible... you don't say "you can lose weight"

    You say "I'll show you 3 simple exercises that will help you melt off 12 pounds of fat in 8 weeks"

    You don't say "I'll help you gain muscle... you say "Make this change to your diet and you'll pack on 15 pounds of muscle mass in 8 weeks"

    Be every specific... use numbers, dates, weeks, time frames, etc...

    So you definitely need a new headline, perfection is just so far "out there"

    You need all new bullets that are specific, intriguing, and provoke curiosity.

    You also may need a new title of your ebook, The Basics of Bodybuilding is also too vague and ambiguous.

    I can tell you from personal experience that bodybuilding is a very small niche... it's rabid, but small.

    Most people don't give a shit about bodybuilding... they want to lose fat, gain muscle, get ripped, shredded, etc...

    So when I started, I noticed targeting bodybuilding was tough... but branching out to muscle building/fat loss was MUCH more profitable.

    Hope this helps.

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