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Just like when you walk into a restaurant, bar, nightclub or coffeehouse and immediately feel the vibe of the joint...

...your copy needs to project a deliberate atmosphere.

Since copywriting is conversational sales, where is this intimate talk between two people taking place?


When you're writing, don't just imagine yourself talking with one person (to create a hypnotic effect.)

Put yourself in a specific location - where this pow wow is happening.

Really immerse yourself in the world you want to invite your prospects and give them a full sensory experience.

This is another cool way of furthering your brand and positioning.

Just a fun little exercise.

Mark Pescetti
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    Similar to what we've both talked about on Skype before Mark many a time...

    It's about setting the tone. Creating a visual audio experience in the mind of the reader.

    And you (as in others here) you can do this by simply saying...

    Imagine you're in a busy city bar...

    Imagine being on the beach on a hot sunny day...

    Imagine looking at the most beautiful view with the sun going down...

    ...holding hands with your partner drinking a glass of wine, enjoying a beautiful meal together...

    These are great introductions to an unfolding storyline.

    Telling the reader to imagine themselves in a certain situation, most will do exactly as they're told as they recapture good memories from the past. Ease the reader over to your viewpoint using the senses of touch, taste, smell etc to evoke feelings of well-being and you've got the reader on tender hooks, salivating to find out more about how your offer can bring about a solution to the frustration or emotional pain they're going through with your ideal perfect solution.

    Putty in your hands.

    Smoking hot,

    Mark Andrews
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    This is a cool way of looking at things, and a perspective I had not considered. Good advice, I'm going to try it in my next sales letter.
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    Great tip! I think I should incorporate that when doing copywriting.

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      Hey Mark - I bookmarked this thread, it's good to be reminded of this from time to time.
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    Sugarman says you can create the selling environment. He doesnt explain precisely how to but I think that will come with experience
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    Good question Mark.

    The last 2 letters I've created have been for myself and have been for diet products.

    So, me writing to one person.

    Hitting all the emotional triggers, answering objections and convincing that person to buy.



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