The ROI of Story Telling

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Hi All,

In case anyone forgot about the value of story telling I found this great article that I'm sure will stick in the back of your mind when you write or rewrite your copy:
How To Sell A $1 Snow Globe For $59: The Real ROI Of Brand Storytelling | Fast Company

This is the subtitle:
"Storytelling" is a hot topic in marketing these days, but can you put an actual price on a compelling brand story? The surprising tale of what happens to the value of everyday objects when you imbue them with backstory.

After reading it, I was inspired to revise some of the copy I was already writing for a project and added in some *major* social proof that I KNOW will really boost sales from my target market!


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    This is great, thanks for sharing. I'm not sure if you've read "Winning the Story Wars," by Jonah Sachs, but you'd probably really enjoy it.
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      Good to see you back here Justin. Hopefully they'll be more little nuggets coming from you in the near future? Certainly I for one miss seeing your threads and posts in this section of the forum.

      Don't leave it so long another time.

      Kindest regards,

      Mark Andrews
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      Originally Posted by StefanPaulGeorgi View Post

      I'm not sure if you've read "Winning the Story Wars," by Jonah Sachs, but you'd probably really enjoy it.
      The author of "Story Wars" posted an insightful 10-page PDF (the book's prologue) about how the book came to be written. In the PDF, he briefly explores the origin and impact of storytelling in culture and marketing.

      An interesting paragraph is as follows:

      "I followed my search through weird sci-fi fan sites, scholarly
      texts, and ancient sources themselves where I began to grasp what
      myth experts had postulated: human beings share stories to remind
      each other of who they are and how they should act
      . These tales are
      deeply ingrained in our DNA, and no matter where or when you
      were born, certain patterns of stories will influence you enormously.
      When we hear stories based on these patterns,we feel more
      like we're remembering something forgotten than learning something

      It's worth the short read for the insights on stories in global culture.
      Learn more - earn more: Books for Copywriters
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    Wow what an interesting articles. Thanks for the share Justin.

    It is pretty incredible the power of a story as I actually was at a seminar yesterday and noticed how much the speakers were able to capture the attention of us listeners by simply telling stories based on their experiences in order to relate to us.

    Very powerful. The Ebay experiment seems mind boggling how much more the perceived value of the products increased due to the stories to back them up. Makes me want to go get some stuff and write up some stories to sell on Ebay for the holidays!

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    This is marvelous. Have it bookmarked and will likely return to read it again and again before approaching tough-sell clients.
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  • Here's an example of good writing selling meals on the menu for higher prices.
    Restaurants Trick You Into Spending More - Business Insider

    Here's the beginning of the slideshow "How Restaurants Trick You Into Spending More."
    Restaurants Trick You Into Spending More - Business Insider
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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