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Dan Kennedy sent this out this morning. Might be useful for some (no affiliate, no connection):

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    I like the "Questions you must ask [so-and-so] before you hire them" headlines. It can give the prospect a sense of power, among other things.

    I also like the upsells Kennedy has set up here.

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    Might be useful for someone like me who needs to learn something more about copy, nice share!
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    Here's another great article on hiring a pro copywriter from Kevin Halbert: How To Hire A Copywriter - by Kevin Halbert
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      Both "articles" are presells... designed to establish the buying criteria so that marketers who are looking for copywriting services will choose them.

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    Good idea for creating pre-sell material.

    Read both of them. Nothing revolutionary, as I hoped from DK (looks like he didn't write this even), but has some basic good points in it.

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