Any more clients like this?

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Hi guys

I was talking to people at Nightingale Conant yesterday and I was really impressed with them.

Think they would be a great client to have.

Anyone know any more people like this is the industry? in the self help area?


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    Well, sure..

    If you're hunting for Brontosaurus, Simon & Schuster and Guthy-Renker come to mind.

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    Approach (or attract) authors in the self-help, self-development industry and pitch them your ideas about how to generate more awareness (and profits) for their books, seminars, webinars, etc.

    First though...

    You need to position your copywriting brand to reflect and represent your authority in this massive market.


    I've worked with 3 well-known self-help gurus...

    ...and it's an absolute blast!

    Fun work (if you actually live this stuff.)


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  • Yes, the self help people are great fun to work with.

    Just remember the more you know about their work - the more they like you.

    Then they'll make sure you get an "insiders ticket" to their exclusive world.

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    • thanks guys-helpful stuff
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      Adam Linkenauger

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  • Another interesting thought on the self help people.

    Try and spot an up and coming "guru"

    Check amazon - type in "Self Help" or "How to"... see who is doing well.

    And monitor the book sales.

    Get the books and read them.

    And... can guess the rest - contact the soon to be be an acclaimed and famous author and become their copywriting and marketing "go to" person.

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    Originally Posted by Quality Copywriter View Post

    Anyone know any more people like this is the industry? in the self help area?
    You may want to check out Self Improvement from

    Stacey Mathis
    Stacey Mathis Copywriting
    The Copywriter's Highway to Success
    Twitter: @staceythewriter

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  • Well, there you go...

    Stacey has certainly helped anyone who wants to dive into the self improvement niche with a lifetime of prospects.

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