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Hi All,

just so you know - I have really been appreciating the help some of you have been giving me recently. WF Copywriting forum is a full-on genius bar, it's really helped me both personally and professionally. So thank you.

Now... I couldn't find anything on this. Exhibition Banners - you know like the ones at tradeshows etc. where people have their own table with products/services/consultants etc.

Does anyone know where I could find swipes for something like this?

I have tried but no luck yet. It's obviously not necessary but would love to see some of the most effective - they are a real mixture of graphics and text and have a slightly different purpose to other types of advertising I have dealt with.

Traditionally I have worked online, so I guess offline stuff makes me stop and pause!

If you can help... and it helps others, that'd be great.

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    Might help if you tell us the niche.

    Obviously exhibitions and trade shows cover every imaginable niche under the sun so it's no good pointing you to any exhibition banners which you can swipe and deploy ideas from, to cross apply to other industries, if we have no idea which area of business you're concentrating your efforts in.

    Smoking hot,

    Mark Andrews
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      Thanks Mark.

      Sorry - good point, wasn't trying to be covert, just caught up in my thoughts

      It's for a motivational speaker, she's going to be working at an event with other speakers and after the event they will each have a table in the lobby/entry with their own table and need a banner.

      She wants them to buy a coaching course from her. Heck, even just responding back is helping. Making me think a bit more clearly... it's been a crazy day!

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        Just been googling...

        this is a start:
        Use Memorable Graphics and Text

        Make sure the graphics you use are consistent with those in your promotional literature in order to create a memorable display. If you need to display a lot of information, consider the size of your overall exhibit space and graphics. Small displays should only focus on one strong point so as not to be overwhelming.
        No matter the size of your booth, too much text on your signs and displays can make your booth look cluttered and even dissuade visitors from stopping. Keep the text as concise as possible and make sure that it is visible from a distance.

        Text should be placed in the upper half of your trade show stand design so people in front of your booth don't block it and prevent others from seeing it. To ensure that text is easy to read, avoid placing it over textured backgrounds.

        More people will be attracted to your trade show booth if you implement a simple, yet powerful design, use minimal text, and select coordinated colors that complement your brand image.

        Trade Show Stand Design -- How to Make an Immediate Impact
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        No worries mate - easily overlooked.

        What are the size of the banners and where exactly will they be positioned in a room of what size? Table height, eye level, or from up above?

        Also, how many other speakers will have a table in the lobby area?

        Will this be in a hotel lobby or an exhibition center?

        Last but not least...

        Will these other motivational speakers also be promoting their coaching programs or other offers, if any at all?

        Smoking hot,

        Mark Andrews
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          Ok, they will be positioned behind the table at the back of a large room where they will be speaking to around 150 people. So it will be waist height and above.

          There are 4 other coaches/speakers, I am sure that they will be offering their services as well, but they are more small business, self-branding (how to market your small biz and so on) orientated, rather than my client who is self development/motivation etc. getting people to go after their dreams, goals.

          An industry, that from imperfect memory of reading your other posts, you are familiar with.

          Thanks mate, you've given me a boost!
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            You might suggest using an engagement device.

            More on this in a moment...

            Obviously the problem with a standalone exhibition banner in the traditional sense is that sited at waist height, there's not going to be a clear line of vision between the people in the lobby area and the message displayed.

            As soon as your motivational speaker stands up behind the stand/table or moves around in front of the banner whatever message is displayed on it even with just a very few simple words, this message will be obscured. Defeating the purpose of it being there to all but a very few people who might respond favorably to it.

            An interactive engagement device might work out to be a better option. Weeding out potential warm or hot leads from stone cold 'traffic' (eyeballs).

            So what is an interactive engagement device?

            An interactive engagement device is quite simply a call to action to those individuals who are most likely wanting to take advantage of her coaching offer.

            For example... to the side of the stand/table so passers-by can access it, you could have a sign at eye level saying something like...

            Small Business
            Health Check!

            Similar to this...

            Now only those passers-by who are most interested in what she has to offer will actually take the time to touch-screen - to answer a set number of questions already inputted directly into the device.

            Obviously this can be used to garner the contact details including name, company, location, email address and contact number of each person using this to acquire the coaching solution/s they're looking for. Based on their input a simple print out might offer them further simple advice.

            You can bet your bottom dollar these people will definitely remember this experience over and above just using any old printed advertising banner.

            Here's another example using touch-foil technology...

            visualplanet | Exciting communication

            Another example to service many people all at the same time...

            Another example of a touch-screen kiosk...

            I hope these ideas give you a few more ideas of your own to present to your client.

            Happy to help.

            Smoking hot,

            Mark Andrews

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              What's her Unique Selling Proposition?

              If she has one then I see no reason
              not to use it to draw attention to her.

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