Looking for advice on looking for sales letter clients (almost newbie)

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My name is Abby and I've written for the web for awhile (blog posts, web copy, e-press releases and e-mail blasts). I have done 2 sales letters for clients and they have been pleased with my work. They were also very, very aware I was pretty new to writing sales letters and open to giving me a try. I'd written other things for them, and they liked my work.

I love the WarriorForum and I know there are so many experienced people here. I am wondering how to get a start writing more sales letters? I welcome any thoughts and suggestions, and thank you for your time.

I'd also like to say Thank You, because I always learn when I visit the WarriorForum!

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  • Hi Abby,

    Well done on your success.

    A few thoughts - whatever methods you used to get your first two "sales letter" clients - do the same to get more.

    Ask those 2 happy clients to refer you to other people they know.

    Send your own sales letter, flyer or postcard to prospective clients.

    You could try a WFH (warrior for hire) promotion.

    And as you know a bit about the inter web you could create your own site and drive traffic to it.

    Just remember, however you market yourself your abilities and your skills - aim them at the clients you most want to work for.

    Hope this helps,

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    Hello Abby,

    I think this post might help you:


    Andrew Gould

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  • Yes, that is a cracking list of resources for our new eager to write copywriters.

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    Don't sell copy. Build relationships. You'll spot opportunities where others need sales copy.

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    here's what you need to do:
    1. Read more (read the best copywriters)
    2. Write more (practice)
    And the rest will happen on its own. There is just a learning curve. Once you conquer the knowledge, the knowledge is yours.

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    "It's easier than you think..."

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    Create your own product and write the copy for it. Tweak it until it's converting. Now you've got a successful project to show clients. Build on that success.
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      Originally Posted by odesk View Post

      just search on google; man
      Here's another bit of advice: have a cool username. For example: odesk

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    Abby, have your clients tracked specific results from these letters? I.e. how much money they made, new customers attracted? Information like that is a very powerful tool for getting new clients and shows that you have concrete success they can rely on. It sounds like you're doing well enough getting work, so keep it up.

    One way to find more people is to look up affiliates (or product creators) on Commission Junction and offer to write or rewrite their sales letters. They strongly rely on good copy and will also be able to tell you how much you're converting.
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    Congratulations on your success Abby!
    I'm happy that you've shared us something wonderful because of the learning you've got from all the people here in warrior forum.

    First, I would like to suggest that you practice your writing skills more while still waiting for your next shining moment. I believe practice will make you a better writer.

    Now regarding how to make more new newsletters, you can check the internet for that. There are so many resources available, try browsing and checking them out. Then create your own. By looking at many samples available online, I believe you'll get more ideas and surely by brainstorming, you can come up with a better one.

    Good Luck!
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