Any way I can improve the conversion of my website?

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I'm about to launch my product in this website: | Infertility Secrets. I need your opinion on how to increase more conversion of this site. Your feedback is appreciated.
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    What if you put an opt-in box actually onto the page as apposed to a popup? Have you split tested the difference between doing those 2?

    Also ... testimonials, testimonials, testimonials!

    Nothing is better than social proof and you can never have enough. You could always give away a couple copies in exchange for some testimonials.
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    I would remove the pop up and instead use an exit popup, this will capture those leaving without a purchase rather than annoy them before they have seen the page.

    I know you have the video but I would remove the controls to this and have it as autoplay, and start and stop at most, do not display the timeline of the video, people can see it is over 8 mins long and know you are trying to sell them something so who wants to watch a 8 minute sales video, if they dont know the length then you are more likely going to keep them watching.

    The text needs formatting more too, I never read the content like I didn't watch the video, it looks long and uninteresting, I know I don't have an interest in the subject an those landing on your page will have more interest but make facts and interesting advantages of buying what you have on offer stand out, change alignment, highlight, bold, italic or change colour, this will help people flow through it and also those that just scan read will be drawn to the most valuable parts, hope that helps.
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    Hey site looks nice but in my opinion:

    First add a good looking header
    and of course give some Testimonials

    Highlight your Bullet point
    one more thing change the font and space between the paragraphs

    I hope this ll help you !!

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    Think about your USP (Unique Selling Point) carefully, and think about the mind of your visitors, learn to dance with them (words from MYWS).

    Then read your sales copy and try to improve it by 10% every time.
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    1. testimonials
    2.little more graphics
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    Copy & design is weak. Learn copywriting or hire a professional copywriter.

    Using the term "future moms" is going to hurt your conversions imo. That term does NOT convey the results that your solution seems to be promising.

    So I'd use the term "newly made moms". All people care about are results. If they see that women are buying your book, but are still "future moms", that means your book didn't work for them.

    Also, I'm not sure who's voice is in the video, but its far too cold/robotic sounding. That alone would make me click out of the page. You need a voice that changes pace, that dips/rises in tone/pitch to further convey emotions. Its just way too static sounding. Just go watch some videos made by professionals... like Joe Polish. You'll get the idea.

    Heres an example to help you: (fast forward to 1:12:52 when the pitch starts - the voice should obviously be female but it needs to sound organic/personal/real and convey emotion)

    There is also some excellent NLP used in there too, like "if you do not want - more conversions, more clicks, more opens, more sales .. and all the green that comes from it.... then leave right now..."

    Thats the power of negative suggestion. Joe Polish definitely knows his shit.

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    You've got pingback, which is good.
    One suggestion, you may want to add some keywords in your meta tag.
    I know Google doesn't use the keywords tag, but other search engines still do.
    Might as well get all you can out of your traffic.
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    Get rid of the pop-up. Get someone to rework the copy for you. For me, there's also far too much empty visual space that makes it feel like a much longer "read" than it needs to be.

    Also, I agree with Red that the video voice comes across too fake or disconnected. Lack of testimonials is going to hurt big-time as well.
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