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Allow me to introduce my self. As my user name implies, my name is Dustin Blevins. I am a 24 year old small business owner that is always trying to expand my scope. I co-own a pet sitting / dog walking company and I own a dog training company. I have previously owned an exotic animal importing company as well as a video game resell / customization company. Aside from the businesses that I owned that were registered and licensed, I have been making money by any means necessary since I was a child.

I have found myself browsing The Warrior Forum because I just recently learned about Search Engine Optimization, I must have been living under a rock right? So in all my research of backlinking, on page SEO, "sales funnels", private networks, authority sites, and everything else found on the forums, I never thought to look through The Copywriting Forums.

Writing copy and selling anything of value is something I have been doing throughout my entire life. When I was in third grade I was writing personal fundraisers. I went door to door telling people why it was a good idea for them to donate $1 to me. That fundraisers raised me $400, and I only wanted money to buy a candy bar because my parents told me that they would not buy me one.

So now I find my self sifting through this forum for bits of gold that I can bring together in order to build up an arsenal of utensils that will turn anything I write in to gold.

If there is any way you can help me in my quest to becoming a writer that turns anything he touches in to gold I would really appreciate it. As most of you know sifting through this forum is like panning for gold in Alaska. So if you know of a thread, post, blog, or article that could help me, I would really appreciate the link!

I also hope that I will be able to entertain the other followers of this forum in my quest of becoming a golden writer.
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