"The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational"

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Nice article gives names to 12 cognitive biases.

The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational

If there's a book on types of cognitive bias anybody has read and
can recommend, I'd like to know the title.
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    That is a very interesting read.

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      "Buyer's Stockholm Syndrome" - that is a really interesting concept.

      "It's a bias where we overestimate how typical and normal we are, and assume that a consensus exists on matters when there may be none." - another interesting idea.

      Excellent article.

      If you liked that piece, you would also enjoy THINKING FAST AND SLOW by Daniel K____ (can't recall his last name, but it starts with K).

      Marcia Yudkin
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        These three particular biases caught my attention:

        Observational Selection Bias
        Negativity Bias
        Bandwagon Effect

        Observational Selection Bias - This is something I actually suspect myself of experiencing on occasion. However, it's only in a matter of small things like a perceived trend (which may or may not have been validated by further research). Yet on the other hand, I've seen other people damage their own perspectives with it, thinking 'something' is about to happen.

        Negativity Bias - The book mentioned there interests me. I've encountered a fair handful of people who fall prey to this bias and think society's gone to the dogs. Thanks to this, I now have more references to cite that will help them sober up such sensationalism.

        Bandwagon Effect - It sounds reasonable. However, I think it's also reasonable to presume there are some factors that cause people to jump off or hesitate joining a bandwagon. It would be interesting if further research was done on the subject of what causes some individuals to suddenly swim against the tide.

        As a final note, I wonder how many of us feel like we may have interacted, one way or another, with these biases while marketing and copywriting? I know I am.
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    Its been awhile since I read it, but I think the name is "On Second Thought." it's about outsmarting cognitive biases. Highly recommended. another great neuroscience book is Brain Rules, it's all about optimizing the brain.
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    I usually hate psychology articles presented to a general audience, but this one was well-written. My psychology students could have benefited from reading this, as they have problems wrapping their heads around these biases when they read them in our text.

    Decent link, bro.
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    I hope I haven't cognitively discriminated against anyone.

    If so, I apologize.

    Nothing personal.
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