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I need help with a tagline for my book "Paleo Body" that will be sold on Amazon and other sites. It is about eating the diet of the caveman (paleolithic era--paleo) and a 12 week training plan including a grocery shopping list and meal plans. The first 70 pages are all about nutrition, muscle building, fat loss, what to eat and why, specific lists of foods to buy and more. The last 40 pages are a 12 week plan to follow with a workout plan, set ranges, workouts everything. Depending on the calories described in the book readers can choose to lose fat, or gain muscle depending on their goals.

I plan on naming the book "Paleo Body."

I need help with a tagline, and perhaps title. I was also wondering if I should include benefits etc on the front of the book cover design as I have seen with some paleo books.

As for the tagline I was thinking, "Transform your body in 12 weeks with proven workouts and Paleo based nutrition."

Then my name "Andrew Prince" at the bottom of the design.

I appreciate your help! I am in the process of having a cover design made and need to know these answers first so I figured I would ask you talented warriors for help.

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    Go here Paleo diet.

    and go through all the top selling 20 titles and take note of repeated words and themes.

    Come up up with your own unique title based on them.
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    Since you already have "Paleo" in the title, perhaps you don't need it again in the tagline. Try to capture the essence of the Paleo diet in the tagline instead - like other books on Amazon that have used adjectives such as original/natural/whole-foods etc.

    Also the tagline can do with a little punch, for example - instead of saying ""Transform your body in...", you could make a more impactful start, such as, "Total Body Transformation in...."

    Just my two cents!
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