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I am looking to update my landing page and am looking for good examples.
The thing is my audience is somewhat picky and the cheesy make $1 million in an hour really won't fly with them (i think.)

One landing page i know works very well as i was making a lot of money sending referrals to them is: http://wealthinsideralliance.com/macromillionaire/live/

What do you think of this? Is it a strong page?

Could you put links down to other landing pages you believe are very strong.

Thanks for any posts.
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    The video sales letter is still using the same principle of telling past history,
    to build up what the viewer missed out on, like I said in your other post.

    76% in a month without leverage it says of one.

    You say you aren't a stock picker, yet you refer this video as a high performer.

    I'm trying to see how we can use the same principle of past success stories to build believability and desire in the reader at the same time.

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