Need tactic to create urgency to buy in sales letter.

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I am writing a sales letter for a product to be sold on the internet that includes coaching as a major component. I am at the part in the sales letter where I would include a paragraph saying something to the effect that the reader must buy now or the price will go up. This is solid marketing procedure but it seems to be getting a little old to me. I am asking you to consider an alternative I am thinking about or else suggest a new tactic that will create urgency to buy.

I could create urgency by focusing on a shortage of coaching time instead of price. I could say that the prospect should buy now before I get backlogged on coaching instead of saying the price will go up next week.

Does anyone have an opinion on this alternative approach to creating urgency to buy, or have a suggestion for a new tactic that will help create urgency to buy in the sales letter? Or is the old "price going up" tactic the one to stay with?

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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    Tell them the world is going to end on December 21th 2012, no wait :confused:

    Just tell them the coaching will be closing soon, give them a date and stick to it. Once you are done coaching that batch open it up again, to get those who were hanging on the fence.
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    the part in the sales letter where I would include a paragraph saying something to the effect that the reader must buy now or the price will go up
    Well you're not selling a 5 dollar WSO. Coaching is sold primarily on the
    trust-factor and positioning yourself as the expert.

    So instead of the urgency tactic, you could have them pre-qualify.
    Making them, for instance, fill out a survey about their goals, experience etc.

    This is effective with coaching programs (Ivy League colleges too.)

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    What's even more scarier than the 'price going up' is not being able to purchase
    at all.

    All of my coaching offers have limited seating.

    Either you get in now, today, or someone else will and you'll be forced to look
    through the window and watch your colleagues reap all of the benefits from this
    exclusive, life changing opportunity that you missed out on.
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    From my perspective the use of irrelevant limits won't help. When someone sees that the deadline is close, they will simply click away and look for someone who does have the time to deal with them.

    So, what to do? What does this client of yours do that nobody else does? What can he offer them that will make them think "hey, this sounds great" and press that button saying "buy". What's more this will run for years and years instead of months (if you are lucky).

    You can back this up with some kind of money-back guarantee if they don't receive what they expected (which does take some care in administering, by the way). That way they can click through without that niggle in the back of their mind that says "well, what if?". They can click on your offer in the CERTAINTY that they cannot lose.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks so much to those who have responded so far, you have all been very helpful, I can see my instinct to get away from a "price going up" incentive were correct, going of the coaching part of the offer seems to be the soft spot. If anyone has anything else to add, please do so, this is all so great, Ed
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    Just a quickie because it is bedtime here in Holland.

    Your coach has a business, I hope. We need to know what his clients like about him. You can check references or send out emails and ask them. That way you can discover the things he does best and who he does it for. Tie those together and you are getting towards his sweetspot.

    Hope this helps .ZZZZ
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