Richard Armstrongs Free Direct Mail Sample Book

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This is a free PDF that requires an opt-in, but is well worth it! It is filled with samples of Richard Armstrong's direct mail pieces along with his commentary. Excellent.

Richard Armstrong's

I got this reference in Frank Kern's latest email that included an affiliate link (giving credit where credit is due.)

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  • Well done Marvin, the good people here will relish it.

    It's packed with stacks of stunningly good techniques and copy.

    Rushed for time? Too much else to read?

    Well, at the end of each chapter there’s a short précis – if you need to know the best tactics to use – they're all there.

    I got it a while ago - a truly great "book"

    As is Mr Armstrongs novel -

    "God Doesnt Shoot Craps: A Divine Comedy"

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    This was posted here many moons ago but the
    reminder is not bad.

    -Ray Edwards
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      His book "God Doesn't Shoot Craps" (which I read thanks to a recommendation from someone here, forgot who) is pretty entertaining
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      Originally Posted by Raydal View Post

      This was posted here many moons ago but the
      reminder is not bad.

      -Ray Edwards
      I've never looked past the first page so it is great!
      Small Business Marketing & Branding Specialist
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    Love it, thanks. What a great opening anecdote too

    It's amazing how much free information there is out there, you just have to sift through the nonsense to find the real gems but you guys act almost like a spam filter! If it's posted here and replied to by someone like Steve or Ray or Mark or etc.,etc., then you know it's going to be good.

    It's on my list. Unfortunately it's quite a long list
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    I am glad God doesn't shoot craps.........He would take all the chips!
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