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I'm sure many, if not most of you know Joe Polish.

And maybe to a lesser extent, Dr. Tom Orent.

But what about Greg Milner?

Or his company Worldwide Salon Marketing?

If you're not aware of him, google him and
read up on him, it's interesting.

Basically, his girlfriend at the time was having
trouble in her business as a hair stylist/salon owner.

so, he locked himself in his room over the weekend
and WENT OFF... writing and writing direct response
ad after direct response ad... all geared towards
helping his girlfriend get more clients at her
hair salon.

Fast forward a few years... he runs a multi-million
dollar business doing nothing more than selling
marketing templates to hair salons and hair stylists.

So, as I've mentioned to a lot of up and coming
copywriters... this is a great way to build wealth
as well as a business where you can gain leverage.

Let's not kid ourselves.... writing for client after
client on nothing more than flat fees can be
time consuming and draining.

But using leverage, you can create a marketing
system for just about any niche... and then just
sell that system over and over again.

I've done it in the fitness niche, i make more
selling my fitness marketing systems than i
do with my copy business or ad agency.


So, find a market or two that you can use
your copy skills in, get good writing for that
market... create a ton of marketing pieces you can
offer to those in that industry.

Hair stylists don't make a ton of money, unless
they're at the top of their game (like any niche)

so if they're willing to plunk down a large chunk of
change on a marketing system that helps them
get more clients... i'm sure that many niches will
as well.

I've seen marketing systems for plumbers, dentists,
chiropractors, personal trainers, hair stylists, carpet
cleaners, doctors, breast surgeons, and more.

so, find a niche and start cranking out some incredible
direct response marketing in that niche and use it
in the future to sell it as a marketing system.

the leverage is much more powerful than writing
one letter after another for clients.

but if you have time, check out Greg Milner and
Worldwide Salon Marketing...

I love seeing stories like this, how someone uses
direct response marketing in a rather unique
niche to wipe the competition clean.
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    Another good example is Dean Jackson. He's done very well over the years selling marketing systems to real estate agents.

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    It doesn't necessarily have to be an entire system either. Dan Kenedy sells his newsletters to chiropractors. Of course with a newsletter one would have to be done every month.
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    This could be an awesome email if you were selling some sort of info product. Haha - your pretty good at creating threads. I thought it was a email but I am going to look him up. I still need to read a book from Joe Polish that I have been procrastinating.
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      Gary Bencivenga mentions this in his Bencivenga seminar 100 sales letter. It's definitely something I plan to start working on this year.
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  • Good stuff here on how to think like a copywriter/entrepreneur. David Garfinkel interviews Kevin Hogan.


    ( Note: This a webinar replay with a pitch at the end. (No connection/affil.) )
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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