NEED HELP: To complete my list being accomplished

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Dear All Fellow Warriors,

Ehm.. i surely believe in myself when i rewrite a winner copy written by outstanding copywriter such as Gary Halbert, John Carlton etc... its help my brain start working better. And obviously its works also if you do the same too.

I have accomplished a few ads such as (all are recommended by Gary Halbert):

"Do You Make These Mistakes In English?"

"The Nancy L. Halbert Heraldry Letter"

"The Lazy Man's Way To Riches"

And "At 60 Miles An Hour The Loudest Noise In This Rolls Royce Is The Ticking Of The Electric Clock"

The problem is i can't find a few of them such as:

"The Admiral Byrd Transpolar Expedition Letter"

"How To Collect From Social Security At Any Age"

"Why Men Crack"

"How To Burn Off Body Fat, Hour-By-Hour"

"What Everybody Should Know About This Stock And Bond Business"

Again, i believe that every fellow warriors here have the collection of ads above in pdf file, etc save on theier harddisk.

Help me, where i can find it. To accomplishing my rewriting done well.

#accomplished #complete #list

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