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Close your eyes and just listen ...

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    Up until 30 seconds I figured out this wasn't a 2007 classic VSL.
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    Sent to me by my Australian voiceover mate. Interesting story in persistence...when I was CD of a new FM station this guy pestered me for weeks to hear his V/O tape. He'd arrived at reception unannounced...had no track record...just an amateur...but he could do just about any voice you wanted. I didn't have time to play his tape. He kept ringing. To get rid of him I said "OK...I'll play it now. Ring me back in ten". It was absolutely magic. Blew me away. When he rang back I said "Where are you? How soon can you get here?" That afternoon he voiced 5 character reads for us (30 and 60 second spots) and nailed every one. He soon quit his day job as a sales rep and went on to become "Voice of the Year" and a very successful career in radio, television and movie animation V/O.

    For years later I'd ring him at home...his wife or kids would tell him who was calling...and then "Dirty Harry" or "Prince Charles" or "Arthur" (Dudley Moore) would answer the phone. He could switch from one to the other effortlessly. In fact he once did a spot for me where he did just that. Leaving a pause between voices so all the Producer had to do was cut and splice. They're a rare breed these guys and can make very good money. Some of them existed on a diet of unfiltered Camel cigarettes, Jack Daniels and Coke (both sorts) to keep that gravelly voice going.
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    I loved the Disney VO guy as the nerdy one they all wanted to ignore. That was pretty awesome.

    Aspiring copywriters: if you need 1:1 advice from an experienced copy chief, head over to my Phone a Friend page.

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    Love that spot... Hadn't seen it in a while.

    Here's another favorite LaFontaine spot for Geico

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    My mate also sent me this. Possibly the best thing I've seen on facecrook - Cold caller is left speechless....... | Facebook
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    That was GOLD!

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    Thanks for posting that vid above - I had wondered what became of him.

    I LOVE his story!
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