What are all the 25 MARKETING HOOKS????

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I think everyone could benefit from this....

I was watching a video. The guy talked about a few of the 25 or so various marketing hooks, or triggers that you need to be using. (then he only mentioned about 4 of them).

But for the benefit of everyone could some smart marketer out there please list all those persuasion hooks, or triggers that are used in sales and copy-writing???

I'll give a few examples:

- Appeal to ego/vanity: "and everyone who's anyone knows that Montecristo cigars are the cigar of choice amoung sophisticated cigar lovers...."

- Time Deadlines: "We only have this promotion on for the next 48 hours. So if you buy right now you can lock in at 27 dollars, but if you come back later it will go back to the regular price of 97 dollars."

- Social Proof: "We've been featured in Time Magazine, we've been on CNN, interviewed on Dr Oz, and we have won the nobel peace prize...."
.........okay so you know what I'm talking about now, right..... So my understanding is there's like over 20 of these?

Could some smart marketers please tell us what all the 25 or so persuasion tactics are? Thank you so much!

.....ps: or even if you can list a few of them, or a website that lists them, that would be helpful. thanks.

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