Audio and video resources for video sales letters and promotional sales videos

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Here is some stuff you can use in videos:
Create video content in your browser, download it, use it. Lots of customizable templates. Animation. Video bumpers. Free and Paid.

After Effects Projects, Motion Graphics, C4D Templates | VideoHive

"At VideoHive you can buy and sell royalty free stock footage, motion graphics and project files for applications such as Adobe After Effects."
" provides high quality Royalty Free Music for new and traditional media, including websites, online videos, slide shows, DVDs and CD-ROMs..."
Music is relatively expensive but very high quality ($30-40).

Royalty-Free Stock Music, Sound Effects, and Audio | AudioJungle
"Buy and Download Royalty Free Music Loops and Sound Effects from our huge range of stock audio for use in web, broadcast, corporate, presentation and other ..."
Cheaper than ($10-12).
I found about Audio Jungle from Yaro Starak's blog.

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    As a video sales letter copywriter, and because I'm a (pain in the ass) perfectionist, these are my 'go to' guys:

    Digital Juice - The Best Products and Prices for Video & Graphics Professionals

    - Rick Duris
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      Just posted this in a facebook group. How to properly import toons into Videoscribe:

      Demonstration of the effect:

      Watch these tutorials:

      How to use the bezier tool:

      Now the guy that does the snowboarder just scribbles his traces to cover the image. That's not how to do it. You have to trace the image.

      My "rules and guidelines":

      1. Think like an artist - trace paths in the way it would be drawn.
      2. The order you trace it in, is the order Videoscribe will draw it.
      3. You need a TRANSPARENT background. I do this in Photshop first. Delete everything but the black lines. (Or whatever colors you're using) If you use black on white, parts of the white will show through and look funny when drawn.
      4. Break it up in sections. Don't try to trace it all in one go
      5. Change your trace color to something high contrast. I'm using lime green on a black image.
      6. Thicken your traces only enough to cover the line.
      7. For blackened in areas like the windows in the building I did, I made a few zig-zag trace points to keep the pen there longer. Watch the video and see how it appears to fill them in.
      8. Cover every speck of black

      The steps:
      1. Find an image
      2. Convert to transparent png with only lines showing. Remove all shading if possible. This is the hardest part. Use "magic want" and "Select... Color range..."
      3. Import png to Inkscape
      4. Trace with bezier tool in order you want it drawn.
      5. Use node tool to center thin bezier lines(after making bright green) in the middle of each line to draw.
      6. Increase trace line width to just cover image.
      7. Continue until totally green, no black showing.
      8. Select each trace and adjust opacity to 0%
      9. Save and import the svg to Videoscribe
      10. Enjoy
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        This Thread is really amazing, Each & every individual who posted on this thread has really contributed amazing stuff

        Those Who still want to save some money + Have some time to carry out your R&D you can invest some time in Learning After Effects ( As some of the post here shares sources to After Effects Template - Which Again will be a bit Tedious Task if You are not at all familiar with After Effects,Handling those Templates do require in some cases atleast an Intermediate Knowledge of After Effects )

        I am Newbie to Warrior Forum joined few months back,But I can assure you "The Stuff " shared on this Thread ABOVE is sheer Gold I am 3D Animator,Compositor and Motiongraphics Artist........So I can understand the value this thread is providing...........Thats fantastic..........

        I just wanted to post my answer for those who are total Newbie to Video in General or may be to After Effects...........I can assure you guys ..........its Fun to learn Adobe After Effects and Easy too...............If you can simply use Adobe Photoshop you are almost 3o% all the Adobe Softwares have Friendly UI and they can be easily no time................If you think the Templates shared above are pretty Hard to create in After Effects...........Than Dont Underestimate Simple Videos created using After Effects........Simple Text Based Poping or sliding animation They will be more dynamic than Power Point Slides..... Learning few After Effects Tricks will make loads of Difference to your Video Creations........

        Once you learn a bit about After Effects.......its really Vital to buy these ( The Kind of shared here on this thread ) Templates create more Superb Videos as what You have to do than is Just Type your Messages where ever need just have to punch in your own images wherever needed in these ready made Afx (After Effects ) Templates..........and thus You come out shining like a VIDEO Pro in No TIME..........

        This is my own personal Opinion in accordance to the Experience I had with this software since last Twelve Years,Some other person can differ from me.....

        I would be glad if I can help any Warrior Forum Member........

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