Are Copywriters Cowards?

by verial
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Let's face it: Copywriting and sales are two fields engaging the same skill set. The main difference separating the two is whether you put yourself out there or stay at home to write.

Salespeople: Get face-to-face rejections. Need to speak in public. Must dress well. Need to be confident.

Copywriters: Sit at home and type on the computer. Don't need to interact with people. Don't need to dress well. Can be shy.

I'm not here to say one way is right and the other wrong. But I am here to point out one fact:

BOTH salespeople AND copywriters NEED confidence. While your prospect can't use your body language as an indicator, many nuances in how you write copy can influence how you come off in terms of confidence.

If you're not confident in your copy or in your offer, why would your prospect be?

*This discussion is about confidence in copywriting, not about whether copywriters are cowards. That was just a headline to pull you in, baby.
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    This is true.

    I'd like to add: "Conviction"

    When you truly believe in something like nothing else, it just shows in your voice, in your actions, in your writing, in your videos, and your energy.

    p.s. your headline worked
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    I think confidence is needed everywhere.

    But for sales man , its harder, because talking with people you cant fix what you say, but copywriter can delete it and replace lol

    Both are needed in our world anyway
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    You will see yourself getting more and more experience when interacting with potential and existing clients.
    This also applies to copywriting and you can drastically improve the language of your texts, too.
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    I started out as a door-to-door salesman as far as selling
    is concerned, but true, I do prefer the written word to
    face-to-face selling. IN the latter, you have to be sharp
    in your thinking and have those "closes" and "answers
    to objections" always up your sleeves. Also your personality
    and even voice play a huge part--no so in writing.

    So maybe I'm a kind of a coward, but they do demand
    different skill sets.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I think humble is a better word than coward.

    Copywriters don't have to worry about selling fact to face, but most of the time we do have to cut open our veins to persuade thousands if not MILLIONS of people.

    We can't see prospects, so we don't know how they're reacting. So we research, but we have to be strict and consider every piece of research from thousands of posts, articles, promotions, and their current problems, desires, emotions.

    Not to mention we have to dig into your product and squeeze every drop of copy juice we can.

    Finally, we write. This is the EASIEST part for most copywriters. Here is where you see promotions and everyone else talk about how copywriting is easy. How all we do is relax and "work" for 3 hours and come out making 6 figures.

    It's not like that at all. The damage is done by then. And writing itself takes a lot of intense thinking to make sure you don't write a sentence that may be the difference between you getting more clients or having your rep damaged along with wasted weeks or months.

    Many well known superstar copywriters will relate to this. But for the majority who are living from month to month, building their craft... this is what they're going through.

    So I think Salesmen and Copywriters are pretty balanced.

    I understand you didn't use the actual 'coward' word... but this theme of copywriting being easy and all is floating around too much. Just wanted to show whats going on behind the curtain.
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    Originally Posted by verial View Post

    *This discussion is about confidence in copywriting, not about whether copywriters are cowards. That was just a headline to pull you in, baby.
    As you mature in your copywriting career, one of the things you'll learn is that misleading headlines don't help sales. They hurt 'em.

    The same thing goes for discussion board post titles. The more misleading titles you use, the less readers will click on your posts.

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    Copywriting takes big, nasty, hairy balls. Yes, women too.

    I've sold in person too. And quite frankly, I frickin' love it. There's nothing in the world like sharing opportunities with people that benefit.

    When I taught tennis, I ran a summer camp in Marin County. It's a richy-rich place just north of the Golden Gate.

    In '98/'99, I created the two most profitable years the Rec. Department ever had for their tennis program. Because everyday, I sold the beenfits of what kids were learning to the parents. That resulted in kids being signed up week after week, instead a one time deal.

    In-person selling is a blast. You just have to believe in what you're selling (IMO.)

    Same with copywriting. If you're not confident, it'll come through in the copy. I've learned that unfortunate little lesson a few times. And it hurts.


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    Convenient is a better word- for 8 hours of work a copywriter can reach anywhere between 100 and 100,000 different eyes... A salesman just can't reach that level of efficiency

    I would like to add though that sales in person is fun when u have something you enjoy selling
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      I think you also have to account for passion. I am sure many copywriters have or had dreams of being journalists, novelists, poets, screenwriters, playwrights. Copywriting at least keeps them reasonably close to that; tapping out words rapidly and coherently is a skill that is at least as big a gap to close as being a slick salesman.
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        I am a disabled former combat Marine.

        I came out of door to door sales and did ok at it never having months under 10K commissions.

        I then formed my own door to door company and trained over 500 reps.

        I then started and ran a truly successful MLM health company for more than 20 years.

        Now I write copy.

        I can assure you I am no coward.

        I answered the question you asked in your headline because that was the expectation you drew me in with.

        Next time please ask what you really want to know.

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      Most really great copywriters are very good at selling
      in person too.

      I think a common thread though is that they understand
      it's a whole lot easier to sell to someone who already
      wants to buy and approaches you first.

      That's the power of great copy...persuading someone
      you don't know, you barely know or who knows little
      or nothing about what you can do for them to choose
      to do business with you.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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    Thing with bait&switch is it's getting old. CW tactics are getting old. Whenever you see a long landing page, scrolling on and on, you automatically switch off and click to exit.

    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's just a marketer's "discomfort" with someone selling something to me in a way that smells wrong.

    A great an tempting headline? An exact match domain? Asking a question off the get go?
    My mouse moves toward that beautiful x in the top right corner.

    And I think it's beneficial for the world. I think the backlash to the iPhone is good, people refuse to be sold to, want someone to ******* speak to them as equals.

    That being sad, we're all humans and have limited energy. So, we turn to shorthands.
    Restaurant? Yelp it.
    Movie? RottenTomato it!
    eBook? Read the GoodReads review (not anymore though).

    That's the "copywriting" of today - a brand name you can trust and all else is just a doubtful opinion. If you can get that experience going, you can build something that's worth more than selling a ClickBank eBook about creating eBooks to sell on ClickBank.
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    I don't think so, but i got my start in copywriting after almost 20 years in sales.

    I guess it depends on what you are scared of. I'm a hell of a lot more nervous about sending out a big mailing than I am about making a phone call, or walking into a business.
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  • Profile picture of the author laurencewins
    Copywriting, telemarketing and door-to-door sales are all challenging.
    Anybody who says otherwise has never done any of these jobs seriously.
    I would say none are "harder" or "easier" than others as each have their own challenges.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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  • I think it's a lot easier to write copy when you have sold in other environments.

    Like face to face or on the phone.

    it just gives you more of a feel for what the prospect needs to make a buying decision.
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    I started my sales career in telemarketing when I was 17. I couldn't stand doing it and hated every minute of it.

    Turns out it was the best education that I ever recieved. Wouldn't trade it for any four year degree now that I know how valuable that experience was.

    I was able to take that experince and start selling cars with minimal training.

    Much of that still carries over into my copywriting. It's just not possibe to get that kind of education from reading books. Reading about copywriting has been a help but I don't think I could have had any success without the basic sales principles that I used live everyday.
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