Copywriters: Do You Accept Western Union Payments from Clients Outside of Your Country?

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Hey y'all,

Somebody from a social networking site I use to attract new clients recently found me and is asking me to do some copy-related work. This person seems to have a very good reputation on that website.

The individual wants to pay me using Western Union, though, and I've never used it before. They're from Africa, and I know Western Union is popular there, but I've also heard it's associated with scams. So...

1. Have you ever accepted a Western Union payment for your services? If so, did you have a positive or negative experience?

2. Would it be fair to ask for advance payment when it comes to Western Union, or does the payment take too long to arrive?

3. Do you have any tips on using Western Union to accept payment for copywriting work?

Thanks for your input. Sorry if these are dumb questions or should have been posted in a different section
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    I've used Western Union, but never for accepting payment of services. I hate using it, personally, since you have to pay something like 12 or 15% of whatever you send in fees, especially if it's a smaller amount. The sender of the money is the one who pays that fee, though, so that doesn't really affect you.

    I think the WU scams are more geared towards you sending them money, so I don't believe you have anything to worry about except receiving half of the payment up-front before you begin work :-P

    The only downside I see is you don't really have a contact/Paypal/credit card to invoice for the second half of the fee, so if you complete the entire project and send it to them, there really isn't any recourse for you to go after that second payment. So if he seems legit, work for half up-front. If you feel he's shady in the least, insist on full payment up-front.

    EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to address your second question. It's ALWAYS fair to accept at least half up-front, particularly when working for a first time client. Never agree to do work on spec unless it's a LEGITIMATE, 100% reputable agency/copy house/etc. Unless, of course, you're building a portfolio and offering your services at a steep discount. Even then it's a pretty stupid idea to work on spec.
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    I think I've received payment twice in 10 years of writing copy
    for clients and in both case they were from Canada. Very rare
    payment channel for me therefore. But it's a sure payment.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Originally Posted by Written View Post

    2. Would it be fair to ask for advance payment when it comes to Western Union, or does the payment take too long to arrive?
    Um, you don't include someone in your schedule - until you've either received 50% upfront... or the full amount. No exceptions.

    Of course...

    If you've never worked with this person, why would you even consider otherwise?

    As for the method of payment...

    If they want to use Western Union. Fine. If the person is legit, you'll schedule them in when you receive their retainer.


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