How I focus buyers to my buy now button

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I just finished doing a shorty copy report for a member here and though I would share my general strategy for funneling visitors to my buy button through the copy

Connect > Connect with your reader
Identify > Identify the problem they face
Explain> Tell them why they face that problem
Hook> Tell them the benefits of solving the problem and how it helps them( traffic, subscribers, etc)
Introduce > Introduce your product
Relate > Relate how your product fixes the problems above, and why your product parallels to success or the afore mentioned benefits
Concvince> List product specialties or results had by someone other than yourself
Summary> Summarize the options, do it the old barely working way or use this easy method, tool, coaching, etc to get it done quickly, effectively, with results.
Close> mention your phenomenal success rate with this product, awesome refund policy, great support team or whatever helps them achieve the goal.
Invite> Invite them to purchase, or more importantly invite them to succeed.
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