100 Motivations For People To Buy

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I thought I'd add some value in the forum today.

These 100 motivations can be included in your letters, ads, emails etc for when persuading your prospects to take action.

Hopefully this list will give you positive thoughts or ideas on your next projects.

Well here they are, in no specific order:

1) To satisfy curiosity
2) To get a surprise
3) To be successful
4) To be more comfortable
5) To make work easier
6) To gain prestige
7) To be sociable
8) To be creative
9) To be efficient
10)To safeguard self and family
11) To protect family's future
12) To be good parents
13) To be well liked and loved
14) To appear different from others
15) To gain popularity
16) To add to life's pleasures
17) To express a personality
18) To be in fashion
19) To avoid embarrassment
20) To fulfill fantasies
21) To be up-to-date
22) To own attractive things
23) To collect valuable possessions
24) To protect or conserve possessions
25) To satisfy ego
26) To be "first"
27) To accumulate money
28) To preserve money already accumulated
29) To save time
30) To protect reputation
31) To satisfy appetite
32) To enjoy exotic tastes
33) To live in a clean atmosphere
34) To be strong and healthy
35) To renew vigor and energy
36) To get rid of aches and pains
37) To find new and uncommon things
38) To win others' affection
39) To be more beautiful
40) To attract the opposite sex
41) To satisfy sexual desires
42) To bring back "The Good Old Days"
43) To be lucky
44) To live longer
45) To feel important
46) To gain knowledge
47) To improve appearance
48) To gain praise from others
49) To be recognized as an authority
50) To enhance leisure
51) To save money
52) To have security in old age
53) To overcome obstacles
54) To do things well
55) To get a better job
56) To be your own boss
57) To gain social acceptance
58) To "keep up with the Joneses"
59) To appreciate beauty
60) To be proud of possessions
61) To resist domination by others
62) To emulate the admirable
63) To relieve boredom
64) To gain self-respect
65) To win acclaim
66) To gain admiration
67) To win advancement
68) To seek adventure
69) To satisfy ambition
70) To be among the leaders
71) To gain confidence
72) To escape drudgery
73) To gain freedom from worry
74) To get on the bandwagon
75) To get something for nothing
76) To gain self-assurance
77) To escape shame
78) To avoid effort
79) To get more comfort
80) To gain praise
81) To be popular
82) To have safety in buying something else
83) To take advantage of opportunities
84) To protect reputation
85) To be an individual
86) To avoid criticism
87) To avoid trouble
88) To emulate others
89) To "one-up" others
90) To be in style
91) To increase enjoyment
92) To have or hold beautiful possessions
93) To replace the obsolete
94) To add fun or spice to life
95) To work less
96) To look better
97) To conserve natural resources
98) To protect the environment
99) To avoid shortages
100) To relax

Hope that list helped somebody.
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  • Good stuff. That's from Dick Hodgson? Direct mail legend. Major loss when he passed:
    Dick Hodgson's Legacy : Page 1 of 2 : Retail Online Integration
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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    yeah actually I got it from the book:

    "Greatest Sales Letters of all Time" by Richard Hodgeson
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      101) To be altruistic

      Billions of dollars are donated each year to good causes based on unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

      And direct response copy is responsible for generating much of that money.

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