How Would You Name My Product?

by CatK
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Hi everyone,

Calling all creative copywriters! I'm currently working on the first phase of a product which is a step by step video series about building a WordPress website from scratch. I'm trying to think of a name for my video training series but am stuck. I want the name to portray emotions like easy, fun, fast, be only a few words in length and catchy. So far I've come up with these, but still aren't happy with them. I don't want it conflicting with other same or similar name .coms which has made it even more limiting. Please help if you have some ideas. BTW the WP stands for WordPress
I liked WPSwift and WPNifty but both .coms are taken.

A quick understanding of the product we are naming -
There are many video tutorials you can find all over the place on the web, but few of these are fun and engaging, while still being comprehensive. My course will be updated regularly as WordPress changes, it will be upbeat, interesting and have interactive features incorporated into it. A full member's support will be attached.

Incidentally, I came across this great article about naming products. A very good read for anyone in the same boat as me.
Thanks for your help people!

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    WordPress is the "mechanism" for what?

    Is it for making oodles of money online? Building a thriving audience around your cause? Something else?

    I would try to work the "end game" into the title that encompasses why people want to learn wordpress.


    I'm a conversion consultant who helps you make more money online with your business.

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    WP Petting Zoo. Learn Word Press the easy PZ way.

    You introduce them to all the WP "animals" hands-on in an unintimidating environment.
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    PLR Modifiable Content

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    You introduce them to all the WP "animals" hands-on in an unintimidating environment.
    Hey I like this idea Pusateri. I'll have to mull over some names for this.

    Thanks for your feedback everyone. Unfortunately the .coms are taken on the ones I like. WPEzPeezy is available Any more?
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    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    Pressyourwords ? Make an impression with your words!
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  • I think when it comes to naming a website it has to be less fancy and easy to remember as well as short. Good luck with that!
    Start Making The Money You Deserve | Get Coaching.
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      The name is more for the product, not necessarily the website. I just don't want to be competing or have an confusion with another person's website with the same name.
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    WPSimpleton - WP tutorial so easy even the most simple-minded newbie can do it. .com not available but is. is available. If you really need/want the .com, you just need to twiddle and fiddle at your domain registrar.
    If you're going to direct members to 'click the link in your sig' this is what they'll see.
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