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Good doggy!

Who wants that reward?
You do!
Oh, yes you do.

Now roll over, sit and pay attention and i'll give you your bone.

Humans are weird creatures...agree?

I was doing some social media browsing today and noticed some sponsored posts from big brands.

what caught my attention is how every single one is using the same promotional methods to build their social media networks or leads. It's always the "like our page and win (insert something here)".

I scrolled down the page and was bombarded with free cash and holidays just to like the pages.

Do you think this approach is getting desensitized over time? Where do you see brands moving to when the dog no longer is amused with the bone?

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    Will the dog ever be unamused by the bone, though? It's the same for humans. We'll always want a shot at something free. No matter what it is.

    Unless everyone somehow becomes filthy rich.

    P.S. What conditions apply?
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      great answers.

      Thanks for touching on that, wirriam. Well said.

      I do think that eventually the dog's attention span will wane. Then it will amuse itself by chasing it's own tail for a little while. Giving it a bone will only do so much, how about feeding it a meal? Giving it a schmacko - something to keep it coming back.

      Originally Posted by wirriam View Post

      P.S. What conditions apply?
      Hope. I mean someone has to win it, right? It is part of the offer

      what game are we playing, here?
      How to turn customers into obedient pets.

      But jokes aside, free gifts is a common staple in marketing. Small marketers rely on it just as much.

      Sure, it works. But when is too much?

      IN THE POST I MENTIoned that a whole wall of sponsored posts desperately threw offers at me.

      the market sophistication changes. When every single offer revolves winning something, what makes your promise stand out? More importantly how do you seperate yourself from the competition and gain trust?

      what would you do with your marketing concept to put you ahead of that pack?

      Just curious. I love the thought processes in this forum.
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    We aren't weird so much as we're somewhat predictable.

    If big brands are doing something, it probably works well for them, because they're trying to do things at that large scale. At such large scales, you typically want to pander to the lowest common denominator (free gifts, using sex to sell, etc).

    That doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for everybody, though. It's entirely possible that the rules of the game for big brands are different from the rules of the game for smaller brands. What game are we playing, here?


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    Follow the masses so to speak (lemmmings?). What about thinking outside of the box?

    I agree with you Stuzilla, everyone wants something free, that's maybe what whet's their appetite - well, I got this big book for free so I can now afford to buy this OTO for just $17 rationalizing perhaps.

    If someone could put an entirely new spin on that would excite the masses, then you would have a winner!

    I have been told (incessantly) that you need to send at least a few "value" emails to prospective buyers prior to your "sales" email, otherwise you might scare them off your list. Seems pretty logical to me.

    ps. I want the island with the white beaches and palm trees.

    Finding things that work!
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