I sent this sales letter and the recipient called me to say "Brilliant we'll call you in 4 weeks"

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I was pitching our sales lead generation via live chat service in a cold Email and the guy called me within 5 minutes to congratulate on it. Never happened before so I thought i would share it, perhaps it will help someone.

Preface: In the morning I went to this company's website and found the name of the Business Development Director. Then, I went to his Linkedin profile and found his email address there (that was lucky as usually not many people put it there open to the public)

So I thought I should send him the following email;

Subject line: A recommendation

Body of the email; (I crossed the name out for privacy reasons)

Dear ............,

I was browsing your site this morning since I am looking for a small office in Exmouth, Devon.
I used the search function which worked quite well. However in the result there is only one single office advertised on your site in Exmouth town.

And than I said to myself: How is that possible? As I walk through the town every morning to my current office, I see at least 3 empty offices being advertised in the town centre.

So effectively I left your website and moved on to another website which could potentially give me a bigger selection of available offices to choose from.

If there was a chatbox on your website offering live chat, I would have used it though to leave my requirements with one of your representatives. -> Then your account managers would have gathered an extra sales lead. (Probably they would have called some local exmouth estate agents and do a deal with them and come back to me with some more possible office locations - etc... I don't know how your business works behind your website.)

Although the above story is genuine you will have probably gathered by now that this is what my company does - sales lead generation by using live chat software.
We offer an outsourced live chat service, where we pick up enquiries through the chatbox on our customer's websites which are then immediately emailed to the website owner. We charge either a fixed fee for this service alternatively pay per chat so our clients pay only after results (£1 / enquiry).

Sorry for the spam - but i thought it was really worth an email to you as I believe that due to the nature of your website your web visitors would welcome the live assistance availability and based on experience we could get you an extra 200-300 extra leads per calendar month using the live chatbox.

I would be happy to present the whole business case to you if you find this interesting. Simply reply to this email with a time when I could call.

Have a great day,
With kind regards,

Call Center Live Chat
Tel: ...
Mob: ...
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