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So I'm working with a Doctor who has developed numerous alternative health products.

After I write and test his copy (solo ads, video and sales letter) using smaller lists and Adwords, I want to blast the bigger alternative health lists.

I'm aware of BeWellBuzz and Present Health.

I'm curious if you guys and gals have any other responsive lists your clients buy solo ads on?


The alternative health lists I'm signed up for send out offers pretty regularly... and some of them really suck (the products AND copy.) What do you think the longevity of these lists are? Sure, they're getting new sign-ups daily, but I know about a lot of the products these lists blast. And I also know they aren't the miracles the copy talks them up to be. How much damage can these big lists endure? And, in your opinion, do we have to work harder to overcome objections as lists age?


Any idea what an average blast costs?

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    I did some work for these guys couple years ago and at that time I understood their list was over 200K.

    They promote a lot of Agora stuff from time to time as well as just about everything they can get a cut of.
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    Mark, hit me up on Skype and we'll chat about it. I've got some good sources for you (and ones to avoid, which is why I'm not posting it in a public forum.)


    Always looking for badass direct-response copywriters. PM me if we don't know each other and you're looking for work.

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