Pre-Qualifying Your Prospect Gary Halbert Style!

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What struck me hard when I read Gary Halbert’s pre-qualifying advertisement for a brand new romantic female partner was his unstoppable ability to tell a delightfully complex story about his life to begin with. That short but intimate part of his sales copy was dazzling.

Talk about being set up to start with. Man did he tantalize in that part of the copy.

Then came picture perfect word descriptions of women he certainly did not want to attract ever again. These descriptions are short and priceless.

Before you know it he is revealing exactly why he is writing this advertisement and tells you outright he is trying to “put a little science into the search”. Just right! Now we know exactly where we stand as that woman reading his “search for the right one” ad.

Perfectly, . . . he goes on to up the ante by telling all “candidates” (they have all been upgraded to this status by now) the Seven Things Gary Does NOT Want From A Woman! Now the seduction is turned up even more. Here is a brutally honest but attractive proposition to the “right” women reading his ad: “I don’t want to own a woman, I just want to enjoy one.”

Next Gary gives the mesmerized prospect a clear description of what he considers the “perfect woman”. And he slides this potentially awkward explanation into the copy like a soft hand into a warm glove.

Finally Gary describes what he is willing to do for the lucky pre-qualified woman he chooses for his romantic date. And, man, is he clear and straight forward without being too over the top. And when he is, he suddenly apologizes for the infraction. And to take it a step further he openly claims “every word is true”.

Near the close of the ad he uses three disarmingly humorous fake personal ads to loosen up the energy and release the prospects to contact him as candidates, . . .totally Pre-Qualified at that and so willing to be in his service! Amazing stuff.

Read the entire copy yourself if you want to be fascinated likewise . I’m glad I did. It’s title is: “Generous Creative Businessman Wants to Find a Hot, Sexy Woman With a Good Sense of Humor”

Have fun being inspired and good luck with this!

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    Dan Kennedy in the Midas Touch series called this the "greatest lead generation ad ever written".
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      Does anyone have a link to this ad? (didn't see it in the OP)

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    And Gary's discussion of the ad here:

    The Gary Halbert Letter
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  • Gary Halbert really knew how to get attention right from his first words... And then keep the reader focused throughout the entire article! He seems to use re-focusing techniques used in face-to-face sales throughout his articles where he would be bringing the "dozing off" reader... sucked right back into the article!

    He goes off the walls sometimes, but he only does it to keep them focused and yearning for MORE!
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